going fishing in the morning ?

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by psychobubba, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. :fish: where should i go ? :fish: :woohoo1: any one want to meet at some lake and fish ?:woohoo1:

  2. Is it time yet,, Oh wait,, you said at a lake....

  3. \

    I have to work tomorrow:rolleyes: Lets go sometime!
  4. yes now that we have ice i will be fishing alot .
  5. :banghead3 plans have been backed off till Thursday any one want to join in for some ice fishing come on .:fish: still not sure what lake ? :fish:
  6. thanks for the offer bubba but I dont have one of those dang tip ups!:banghead3
  7. ccavacini

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    While you guys are talking about it....some of us have already been out.

  8. Must be one of those new "One Walleye Rule" lakes...
  9. cc will be a hit at fishes and loaves night...
  10. man i want to fish at your lake :bowdown:
  11. ccavacini

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    Took a chain saw to clean it.
  12. i will go buba give me a call:coco: deer hunter
  13. I like this guy already:evil: :evil: :evil: