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Going out with a bang

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by 911, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. Went on my last hunt of the year today. The five of us included
    Shoota410 (art), Duff, Kyle E, and Mullis 56
    Saw a bunch of geese all day long We ended up two short of our limit. These birds were well trained and very hard to get to come into our set up.
    Of course we had to start the morning off with some Donuts and Chocolate milk courtesy of yours truly due to a lost bet.
    Art, Kyle, Duff
    The final tally
    And finally Art does it again another Band and Donnie with his first band also (on his first Indiana hunt) Congrats Guys it was a fun day and a very enjoyable season.
  2. Very nice guys!

    I've got to hook up with Art next year. I need to add bands to the lanyard at the rate he does!:yikes:

  3. That looks like a good hunt there. Congrats on the bling!
  4. Way to finish strong guys. Look like a great day.
  5. Looks like the carb loading before the hunt paid off big!!
  6. birds

    Nice birds!.....and next time don't bet against the Colts!;)
  7. Does Kyle feel that it's necessary to close his eyes in every picture? :lol: Nice birds!
  8. I dont know if i would post i hunt with ART LOL
  9. haha
  10. Kyle does the samething when he shoots also. That is why five of us were two birds short. :)
  11. Looks like a good time everyone!!!
  12. :lol: Nice. I really laughed out loud at that one!