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Going Salmon Fishing!

Discussion in 'Indiana Big Lake Fishing' started by goggleye57, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. Going salmon fishing this Saturday out of St Joseph, Michigan. We are going out with Four Seasons Charters with Bill Doak. Looking forward to the trip. I want to fire up the smoker for some smoked salmon.:corkysm55

  2. Good luck. You should get into some nice 4 year old Kings. Hopefully you do better then we did, we fished out of Mich City last week and never got a release.
  3. good luck, wish i was going! I'm watin for the run in the streams (hopefully the second week of oct.):fish:
  4. So how'd it go? :bouncy:
  5. Sorry I haven't back to the board. My father passed away on Saturday evening after we got back from fishing and I have been pretty preoccupied. We had a great trip. Three friends and my brother with his grandson all went and we caught 10 kings and one coho. We trolled in just outside of and just inside the mouth of the St Joe River at St Joseph. Got some great pictures but haven't had the chance to upload. Caught a few huge sheepshead. - More Later...:)
  6. I've been away from the computer-

    My father passed away last Saturday. He was a great guy, teacher and outdoorsman. Here are the words I wrote to read at his funeral-

    Words For My Father- Kahrl A. Metz by Mark Metz

    There are four of us here, four sons, who come together to remember and celebrate the life of our Father. Father is a strange word. It can mean so much and so little. We need more titles for the role. It's like the Eskimos--they have dozens of words for snow and ice. Each word with its own descriptive nuances. That one word- father - can mean as little as a sperm donor, or can mean much, much more. Although when you look at the four of us together, there isn't much question we are all the fruit of the same mother and father. But he was much more to us than that minimal standard of fatherhood.

    He was a father of faithfulness. A father of faith. It was not so much a spoken faith as a faith lived in life. He didn't always do or say things that we would traditionally call "churchy" But he was faithful in his life in the important things. He was raised in his early years in the Church of Christ, a group who sought to rediscover the life and practice of the earliest church before it was tainted by humanity. Actually I think he lived that aspiration out better than he knew. The earliest followers of Jesus were not as interested in orthodoxy as in orthopraxy. Which is to say that they weren't as concerned about pureness of beliefs as they were about faithful living.

    He was a father of faithfulness. As far as any of us know he was always faithful to us and to our Mother. He went to work every day. He always supported us (one of his ways of showing his love), which otherwise wasn't always verbally spoken as much as lived out for us. He spent his time, his money and his energy on us. He never spent much on the superfluous, but on things that counted for us. A close friend as kid was in awe of Dad as he went into the hardware and bought high-brass shotgun shells by the case. He bought lots of licenses, ammo and fishing gear. He was always generous with his time. When school was out at 3:30 he was in his Dodge station wagon on the way with us to pursue some outdoor sport. Fall was our season. Starting with squirrels, then ducks and geese, then deer, then rabbits, quail and pheasants then ducks and geese again then it was time to put away the guns and the decoys when solid winter blew in and time to get out the ice fishing gear, till spring began with sucker fishing, mushroom hunting then summer gardening. His time was our time.

    He was a father of faithfulness. A father who planted for the future. He helped plant a future for literally thousands of students at Kendallville and then East Noble High schools. He planted a future for us first, with firm loving discipline. Discipline with us was almost never an issue. He won that war before we were even conscious of it as we toddled around, but then when he was done he let us go and never interfered in our lives unless we asked him to. Then he planted in us an expectation of us going to college and preparing for the future. He planted in us the seeds of responsibility and sticking with our families and jobs. He planted trees, flowers, gardens and people.

    He wasn't perfect. He could be a little short tempered, something he came by honestly from his parents and from having to deal with all of us. I think of Jesus's disciples. They were an unruly and imperfect lot but He worked with them as he did with Dad and with us.

    He was a father of faithfulness. He was faithful to us even before we were born, when we were still a longed for aspiration between newlyweds. He allowed himself to be drafted into the Army in 1943 even though he was qualified for a deferment as a foreman in a defense plant. He took care of us as he island-hopped across the Pacific against the Japanese. He helped pay for the free prosperous nation we now enjoy - even before we born.

    He was a good man. I pray that we will be worthy to be remembered as well as he is here today. In the best sense of the word Father.

  7. Sorry to hear about your father, Goggleye. That was a nice write up. Prayers be with ya buddy.
  8. Very sorry to hear about your father, you are in all of our thoughts. That is a very nice eulogy you wrote.

    Sounds like you had a good fishing trip.
  9. Thanks for the kind words- here are a few pics of the trip-

    St Joe light too early in the AM ;)
    Me with a salmon- the biggest one I had on charged the back of the boat and got tangled up in the downrigger cables

    The highlight of the trip- my brother and his grandson's first fish

    The Manistee was backing out into the Lake as we left

    Patrick and the catch-
  10. those are some great fish.
  11. Very sorry to hear about your dad. God bless your family. May he ease the pain, and comfort you.

    Beautiful Salmon. Congrats!
  12. Sorry for your loss; may God be with you . Like seeing those pictures.