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Good day us, bad day bunnies

Discussion in 'Indiana Small Game Hunting' started by anon782010, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. 4 Guys, 3 Dogs, 11 bunnies...good day all told...wind was up and down but there was just enough snow to make for some ok tracking.

    No good pics, sorry...but with only a couple weeks left, it was a GOOOOOD day!:bouncy:
  2. Sounds like fun!, Me and the boy just had a couple of prime Indiana bunnies for supper last night!

  3. ya just talked me into login off and takin the 12ga. for a walk, will report back later!
  4. im back, 5 shots 3 bunnies, will be picking burrs off my lab and ausee shepard for days but we all had fun!!
  5. Going tomorrow morning. I'll post how we did. Hope we get a little bit of snow over night.
  6. Haven't had any yet Steelheader, but sounds very good. My Mom makes the best bunny around these here parts. I'm gonna have to hit her up for some.....soon!!!!

    Glad you guys had fun Trent.
  7. nicely done bring a big bucket of that luck along tomorrow and lets get this coyote off our backs
  8. So now the truth comes out, you need to have your Mom hunt for you Dean?
  9. :mad: You leave my Momma out of got that Bird!!!!!!!????????
  10. Agreed, I’m sure the poor woman has suffered enough.
  11. My mom just said "Thank You", and said she'd "send you a card". LOL!!!!!

    Damn it man, the truth hurts me Quail.

    Oh yeah, oh yeah...back to being pissed.

  12. Took a quick walk this afternoon with my bow and a quiver full or arrows around the pond and property that of the people we rent from and came up with this....