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Good Gill weekend!

Discussion in 'Indiana Pan Fishing' started by Noblebowhunter, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. Cleaned pry a total of 50 today in a couple different outings between the slayings of wood chucks today. Had about 15 nice gills last night (7 1/2-8) and put a little more effort into it today. Just got done cleanin again man i hate that :) Im gonna fish about every night this week to hopefully put some more in the freezer. Anyone else burnin them up??
  2. When you inviting us all to dinner?

  3. haha ... i gave half of them to my partner i ended up with around 25. Gonna have to get a few more before the fish fry. Your always welcome though... gauranteed beer in fridge.
  4. Made it out twice week before this, want to hit it this weekend but hate to say that time is tough to come by. Just no excuse for it on an extended weekend.

    Anyone else flyrodding?
  5. Oh, yes! Got these 19 on a fly rod last night. The picture is complete with the Indiana Sportsman Official Measuring Device! :lol: A few of the redears in the picture were 11" or longer!


  6. james, you looked p*ss*d in that picture, is it because those 11" redears were biting your thumbs?:biggrin:
  7. Sorry...I forgot to smile. I'll try harder next time.
  8. Its his measuring device,, he needed a sit down:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  9. Hard to smile when you are getting ready to clean that many fish. Easy to smile when you are eating them!:)
  10. Ate 'em today...dericious!