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Good ice fishing lakes?

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by Bigbass101, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. Although it's not the season, I would like to get a jump on things. Can someone point out some good ice fishing lakes in N.E. Indiana or Southern Michigan? I usually don't venture to far from my home in Ohio, but I have dabbled on a few lakes. Fished Lake George one year without much success. Tried just left of the ramp where most of the locals were trying to get Pike. I was mostly after pan fish, and didn't have much luck that day. Lavine across the street from George was even worse. I grew up on that lake as a youngster, and know it has real nice pan fish. They are just extremely difficult to get through the ice. I've found that out several times.

    Fished Loon lake in Stueben county with limited success. Did get some, but not many. Appleman was a good numbers lake, but didn't have any size to them. Fox lake was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Pleasant Lake has been the only decent lake that I've found so far. With that corner of Indiana supporting over 100 lakes. Can someone save me some time, and name a couple of the better ones off? thanks.
  2. My favorite are the fingers on Snow for gills an sime nice slab crappie also its not to bad for pike, and the south east side of Silversome really nice redear and gill.Crooked is good for jiggin up some eyes.SoelsBay on Lk James has some really nice gills in about 28' of water and if you got a 4 wheeler or snowmobile i got some spots out on the main lake you could try,unless you can find someone nice enough to let you walk thru their yard.

  3. Thanks for the lakes. I may have a connection on the channels of Snow Lake. I'll have to check that out. Otherwise, no 4-wheeler to get there. Isn't there a public park there?

    What about down on James by the resturant. There is a launch ramp there, and I think that place is seasonal. Can you walk out from there? I hear that deep hole there is good. There is some nice coontail in that area holding fish.

    Silversome? Never heard of that lake, and don't have it on my map books.

    Thanks again.
  4. typo, Silver lake and some nice redear. if you want to fish snow and dont got a place to park let me know and i'll give you the house number where my buddy lives he wont mind.there is no public parking at snow. too many people fish in front of Docksiders, but it is really good if you can get out there during the week. If you park there and walk down by the island with the house on it,there is a deep hole between the island and the shore. next time you fish it with your boat check it out. see if its to far to walk, and you can get some reference points so you can find it.
  5. That makes more sense. I've fished Silver Lake a ton of times during the summer. Which basin are you getting them out of? The front shallow one with the deep hole in the mddle, the middle one, or the deep back one with the extended point. I was told by a local, that there were big redear in there. I've caught some real nice northern pike and bass out of there. My dad even had a rare smallie out of that lake.
  6. Park at the boat ramp in the trailor park and fish in that east corner. We caught gills out just off the break in about 15 ft of water. also had good luck on the south shore from the ramp over to the house to the west in like 6-10 ft. never fished the rest of the lake so i'm not sure about anywhere else. oh guys where setting there tip ups out on the break that is out by that 20-30 ft area in the south east bay.