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Good one for my buddy

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by DEC, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. Well, I was all pumped up to get my daughter a deer and put my buddy from Ohio on a deer the past weekend. My daughter bailed on me. She decided she wanted to hunt at the house later this week (actually, this morning, she told me she wants to go tonight, so that's what we will be doing:cool: ).

    So, my goal was to play the Guide roll and get my buddy, Steve, a nice deer. Steve's from Ohio, and his part of Ohio is not the Ohio that we hear about. He's lucky to even see a deer during their deer season, so he comes over here every year for a fun weekend. So Saturday morning, I set him up in a new stand that has been covered up in deer for me this year. I headed to the end of a swamp, really not expecting to see much. I had a small 6 pointer come through and was not seeing much activity. At 8:15 am, I heard Steve's muzzleloader bark and I knew we had a drag job a head of us. He sent me a text message saying "BIG BUCK DOWN ... THANKS BUDDY!"

    He shot this nice 7 pointer (8 w/ a broken brow). If it would have had it's brow tine, it would have been a low 120's deer. Field dressed right at 185#. The DNR aged it at 3.5 years. (FIRST time I've ever seen a DNR official at a check station aging deer) He put a perfect heart shot on the deer at about 45 yards with the smoke pole. The deer did not go 20 yards. In the photo, that is Steve holding the horns and the Guide posing with him.


    After him shooting this deer, I really did not hunt much this weekend. I slid out behind my house for a couple quick hunts, and passed up on some small bucks and some does. I'll do some serious hunting for myself later in the week.

    I'm pumped about tonight that my daughter is going to go out. Hoping I can put her on a doe.:cool:
  2. Way to go DEC! That's what it's all about, helping out a fellow hunter and especially a friend. Congrats to your buddy.

  3. great weekend dec!! good luck with your daughter.
  4. Great pic and great story! Good job and good luck to you and your daughter.
  5. Great looking deer, and congrats on getting your buddy hooked up!
  6. Nice job !!! Congrats to your buddy.
  7. Congrats to Steve and DEC.......Nice one there!!
  8. Congrats...I know it's always a great feeling to put someone else on a good deer.:)
  9. Congradulations DEC, hope your daughter gets a big one tonight.;)