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Good Weather!

Discussion in 'Mushroom Hunting' started by LoveHunting, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. The weather looks great for the next week and a half for mushrooms. Some rain and pretty warm temps with sunshine. won't be long fellas!
  2. That is very true Mr. Lovehunting

  3. I was thinking about hitting brown county this weekend and was wondering if it would be a good time to go mushroom hunting? I'm not sure when the ideal time would be since the last time I did it was like 14 years ago.
  4. you MIGHT find a few blacks if you're lucky...i'd say give it another week and some should be up...give it about 2 and a half weeks if the weather stays like it is and you'll be in the MONEY!
  5. to early for mushrooms around my area, but the warm weather should make the gills start biting.
  6. Good advice - I may just wait a week or two to head a little south and see what I can find :) I think I'll take my brothers down with me - they should enjoy it as well.
  7. if ya lookin for morels in indy this weekend ya wastin ya time