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Goose blind

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by JMBfishing2008, Nov 8, 2005.

  1. Before i go out and spend upwards of $50 on a layout blind i was wondering if anyone knew how to make a cheap laydown blind for goose hunting. If not i was wondering if anyone knew where i could buy a cheap blind. Im only in high school and don't have lots of extra $$$$ to spend on a goose blind so this would really help. Thanks:confused:
  2. Depends on where you are hunting and what kind of cover. Good camo can take the place of everything

  3. we use the goose chairs hear and they work great and easy to pack. they cost anywhere from $75 to $120. i bought mine at Gander Mt. on sale for $79.
  4. Gfourhunter--

    I make layout blinds that fold down flat they have bottoms in them and flip out shooting doors.

    I also make a stakable type that does not fold down which are a little cheaper

    If you are interested give me a call

    260 318 1134

    Ask for Zach

    If no answer leave a message
  5. My previous post was really for JMBFishing but if anyone is interested let me know
  6. You could try a couple of short sections of hog or cow fencing, couple of T posts in the ground and some plastic zip straps to hold the fencing up, then brush it out with what ever vegitation is found where you hunt, from corn stalks to cattails or grass. Place them a few feet apart in front and behind you, sit on a bucket or chair between them. Will cover several shooters and couldn't be cheaper.
  7. a good lawn chair and some camo to cover over it.