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goose calls

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by supr87gt, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. Any body blow a Foiles Market Hunter or know someone who does?
  2. I know one guy that blows a foiles but I am not sure if it is a market hunter or not. does that help?

  3. Not enough. I've already gotta strait meat honker and thinking about trading the strait meat cackler for the market hunter.
  4. Sorry, wish I could help. Winglock guy here. I hunt with a couple Grounds guys. Did you ask over at the Refuge. Tons of "experts" over there.:rolleyes:
  5. Nah. I dont frequent there too much. I usually head to duckhuntingchat if anything. Foiles has his own message board but Im looking for non biased answers
  6. I also have a bob hayes call. he has a website and sells them on ebay. Mine in coco and derlin and was $30 or something like that, Great Goose Call! This is my go to call. Not that that answers your question either but a great cheap call that doens't cost an arm and a leg. He has some acrylic calls out now too.
  7. Not to jack this thread, but those Hayes calls are some damn nice looking calls for the money. An acrylic for $75. :cool: For $35, I might put my hands on one of those Bocote calls. Do you know who's guts he uses?

    Great, here comes another purchase, I can see it now. I'm a sucker for goose calls.:chillin:
  8. You should have bought this strait meat cackler DEC if you're a sucker for buying calls:bouncy:

    I like to buy'em up too
  9. Shoulda woulda coulda ... you still have it? Trade a Winglock + for it? I've got a Delrin longneck I'm considering parting ways with. I've got a Sudden Impact and a Whisperer that have replaced the longneck on my lanyard. Extra guts and reeds to go with the longneck. Just had it completely rebuilt by Rick Perry. Only thing original on it is the barrel.
  10. We've got an old rick perry dehlrin call floating around here somewhere. I think it's on my 14 month old sons lanyard...Im not positive though