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  1. hey guys whats your goose tallie so far lots of birds out there we have got 19 so far in two mornings with 4 hunters hope your all doing well ,good luck also hows your dove hunting going!! good luck to all bird hunters , hey dean hows your bird hunting going remember quail are not in season yet!!!!!

  2. Good shooting Fin, Do you eat all of those?
  3. Geese 2

    Had two Quail fush 10 feet right in front of me and i think they were daring me.:bash:
  4. I have shot five geese so far this year. My bud has shot 4 so only 9 so far in two hunts. The geese aren't using my fields yet and there just doesn't seem like a lot of them around the area this year. It's still WAY early though.:evilsmile
  5. Up To 24 After This Morning , We Split Them Up 4 Ways , Great For Goose & Noodles , Also Make Jerky Out Of Them , And Grind Some Into Burger All Decent Ways To Eat Goose !!!! Good Luck Everybody!!!!
  6. I have never tasted goose jerky, I have try goose about every way but jerky. I said before I would never eat goose again, I guess a guy should never say never, would like to try some jerky. Hey Mike when you come to Bill's on the 16th how about being a little of that goose jerky?
  7. Have had some poor shooting so far, but here is the highlight.

  8. nice job pigeon , we got quite a few birds but no jewelry !!!!!!
  9. Monday

    We finished setting up deer stands today, then hit the fields for some wing shooting. No geese flew by, but the doves were really flying today in better numbers, brought 6 home with me....just don't ask how many shots were required.
  10. Die Birds.......DIE!!!!! I don't hunt birds, but I wish them all dead. Goose and Noodles???? When we eatin' Michael????????

    Better yet.....How 'bout QUAIL and NOODLES???????????:evilsmile !!!

  11. Tough weekend here. Not many birds flying. In 4 days of hunting, I only had one flock commit locked and patties down. I had a bunch of pass shooting opportunities, but I refuse to pass shoot. If the birds aren't locked than I don't shoot, plain and simple.

    But in my defense, I did hunt with my two young daughters and my lab all weekend, so there were plenty of reasons for the birds to not commit. Trying to get the three of them all still at the same time is a challenge. But I would not trade the weekend of hunting with them for anything in the world.

    Here is a picture of the highlight. Two birds out of one flock. Not bad for the way I handicapped myself.:biggrin:

  12. Hey way to get the young ones started DEC! Look at those smiles. I'll bet they had a good time with you regardless of the kill. I always enjoy seeing kids on their first hunts. Brings back memories of my first time in the fields. Nice looking lab too! I am the same as you when it comes to pass shoot. If they aren't over the decoys, or don't have the landing gear down, I rarely call the shot. Just don't care for causing/chasing cripples. Rather take an ethical shot and get a good clean kill. Thanks for posting the pic!

    For 3 of us on Monday, we had 4 geese come in to the decoys and none left so that was good. Had a few chances to "skybust" but that isn't fun to me. So we let them go. We were talking about calling it a day when 3 BW teal came rocketing over the decoys, my bud yells "bluewingers" we let them circle once, circle twice, call the shot, and 3 downed teal.All drakes to boot! All and all it wasn't a bad weekend, got to let the thundersticks roar, got a few birds, spent some great times with friends, so it doesn't get any better than that, I can't complain.
  13. Hey Pigeon, almost forgot to say congrats on the bling. Post up the info when you get it back. Lucky guy.......