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Goose Pond 3-7

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by BGGooseKiller, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. I was lucky enough to need to drive through Linton today so I detoured through some of GOOSE POND. Let me tell you it was loaded up with birds.

    Golden Eye
    Red Heads
    Blue Bills - by the thousands
    Canvas Backs
    Canada Geese
    Black Ducks

    And that is just what I saw in the 20 min. I was there. This was my first time there and all the pics were taken from my truck. I would love to head back down and spend a day.




  2. That is great to see. Awesome pics!

  3. Awesome piece of property and one of the best things the state has done in years. On another note the Indiana House has decided not to provide funding for the purchase of Minnehaha. Time to get back on the horse and contact all your senators to get the line item for Minnie put back in the budget.

  4. I love this time of year for just that reason. Tons of birds that you don't necessarily get to see during the season. Last year it was a loon at Racoon.

    About time to swing thru Cranberry Bog and see what's floating.

    Nice pictures!
  5. Very cool. I hope to make it down there some day and see that place.:coolgleam
  6. Ilive about 5 mins form the Goosepond and I am out there watching or hunting birds nonstop, I love it.