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goose question

Discussion in 'Questions about Indiana Hunting/Fishing Laws' started by pigeonflier, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. Last weekend while goose hunting our early season we had a white goose come in with a group of about 20. I believe I saw black in the flights and think it might have been a snow goose. Even though the white one was like a target, it still left unharmed like the other 18 did. After the fact I started wondering whether or not it was legal to take this bird in the early season? If not what happens if it was in the line of fire?

  2. Think it's a resident snow goose? Who knows, it could be. I usually don't see them show up untill after thanksgiving usually. Then they are only here for a few days and gone. Never big numbers either. Just a few small flocks. My one bud was lucky enough to get one two years back in December. It could be... who knows without the bird to look at? :evilsmile
  3. Pigeon, lay off the snows during early season, I just re-read that!!!
    Don't want to give anyone the wrong information. Sorry.
  4. I dont know if it was a snow or not. But it was white.
  5. Maybe its a "Tamie" that didn't get it's wings clipped? Who knows
  6. Snow geese are not in season yet.
  7. Be careful might have been a stork!!!
  8. It may be someone pet white goose, so don't shoot it.
  9. Snow Geese Are Not Legal At This Time But Tame Geese Are Legal To Shoot , Any More Banded Birds Pigeon???? We Ended Up With 24 Geese Over The Holiday Weekend Didnt Hunt On Mon. Had To Sleep In One Day Good Luck Pigeon
  10. lol@stork .... hope it wasnt carryin a lil one .... lol .... funny story tho ... was goose huntin in southern TX and had a friend with me layin out in a rice field for snows and specks .... usin the oversized goose decoy seats .... if anyone has used em ya know that visability is terrible for higher flyin birds .... anyhow was callin to a flock of specks i saw off to my side when i heard my buddy say ... "wanna take these snows?" ... looked up and as he is reachin for his gun i scream IBIS DONT SHOOT !! ...... he saw the white bodies and black wing tips and was ready to rock .... altho we dont see any here and he wasnt familiar with them .....just made me think of it by the comment "stork" .... lol .... as far as pigeon makin that mistake ... i dont think so ... just from the lil i know of him .... BUT i talk to people from Missouri that tell me the snows have been startin to nest there .... so who knows ??