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Goose Round Up

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by DEC, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. Saturday morning, we had our Goose Round Up, put on by those of us on the Steuben Co. DU Committee. We relocated over 60 geese from two area lakes. It would have been more, but the evening before some local jerk off was out harassing the geese on one lake and had a flock of 50+ all broken up.

    Everyone had a blast, kids and adults. I highly recommend getting involved in doing this if you ever get a chance.:coolgleam

    My daughters and their first goose they caught.


    Me and a couple geese.


    A flock heading right into our trap.


    A neck collar we caught.:coolgleam


    My girls with another one.


    This little kid insisted on carrying geese without help. He had a blast. It was very cool watching him.


    A mess of geese ready for transport.

  2. Very cool pictures, Derek! Looks like a blast!

  3. Awesome Derek...the smiles on the girls' faces says it all!
  4. DEC, that looks like it would have been a blast! Next time, give us a heads up, I'd be my kids would have talked about that for a year!
  5. Awesome D! I love those pics. There is a resident bird on a little pond close to my spot that is sporting a white collar just like the one in your pic. Numbers are really close to, J6M6. Where did you guys re-locate them to?
  6. Pigeon River Wildlife Area. I didn't go with them to release them. It was getting close to 11:00 am and I had other commitments to get to.

    Catching them sure was fun though. No geese escaped and none were harmed. We had a couple try and escape but fortunately a couple guys were able to chase them down. Pretty funny to watch.:lol: