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Goose Shell Decoys

Discussion in 'Sell - Buy - Trade Hunting and Fishing Goods' started by DEC, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. OK, to go along with my winter clearance, I've decided to part with my 2 dozen shells that have killed MANY geese over the years. I simply have too many full bodies now and really have no use for the shells even though they pack nicer. In all honesty, I'd rather sell these as one lump package, but I will break them apart if anyone wants one particular kind. NONE of these decoys has ever been shot, no cracks, nothing wrong with them. The white patches on the faces could use some touching up (general decoy maintenance) and honestly, they could use a bath (a little field dirt).

    Here is what I have

    Seven (7) Flambeau Super Mag Convert-a-heads. These decoys can be set as sentry or feeders by simply changing the head on the neck.

    Fourteen (14) Flambeau Standard Convert-a-heads. These decoys can be set as sentry or feeders by simply changing the head on the neck.

    Three (3) Flambeau (I think) Standard shells. One feeder, one active, and one sentry. These are not convert-a-heads.

    Here is how well they pack. This is the entire 2 dozen in ONE decoy bag. Oh, the decoy bag is included if you buy them all.

    K, now for money.

    This entire flock would cost $275 according to current Cabela's pricing. I will sell the entire flock with decoy bag for $140 face to face transaction. Shipping this bunch will be additional money. My best guess in looking at UPS website is that to ship them all it would be around $25 to $30.

    Now, if you want to break them up, I'll sell them as follows.

    7 Super Mag convert-a-heads for $60
    14 Standards convert-a-heads for $80
    3 Standards for $20

    All face to face prices. Shipping would be extra.

    Cash or money orders for face to face deals. Money order or paypal if shipped. - See More Here:

  2. Very north east corner of the state, 40 miles north of Fort Wayne and 50 miles east of South Bend.

    I can ship these to you, but shipping will be extra. They weigh about 37 pounds. I just had a package delivered to me from Iowa that weighed 38 pounds and it cost about $28 to ship UPS. So I'm guessing in Indiana shipping should be in the $25 range.

    I see you are in Indy. I'll be at the Deer/Turkey Expo in February on that Saturday. If you want them and they haven't been sold by then, I can bring them to the show.