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Got my first handgun...

Discussion in 'Reloading, Target Shooting, and Modern Firearms' started by KBacon, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. Finally got my 1st handgun.. it's a cheap little 1911.. that I got off the used rack at everyone's favorite outdoor store. I got it for a great deal... It's a Kimber Stainless Pro Carry...

    Been looking at extra mags for it.. and I Wilson Combat are excellent but a bit pricey.. How do the Ed Brown mags compare? Saw them for pretty cheap on Midway.

    Also what target ammo do you guys tend to like?
    What self defense ammo?

  2. Sounds like you made a wise choice -- you can't beat a good .45 ACP, and Kimber is a well-respected manufacturer. I myself own a suppressed HK 45 Tactical. For cheap plinking, your best bet is probably the white box Winchester 100-round value packs at places like Wal-Mart. For self-defense carry ammo, pick up some specialty ammo such as Golden Saber, Hydro-Shok, Ranger, etc. These jacketed hollow points are much more expensive, but hopefully you won't need to keep much of it on hand.

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  3. Hunter Hollis

    Hunter Hollis Banned

    I didn't know they made a "cheap" Kimber.
    I used to have a Kimber Pro Eclipse Custom Shop, sold it and went back to the Colt Combat Commander.
  4. Well.. the price was "cheap" enough... less than what a Charles Daly, High Standard, or Taurus 1911... :yikes:

    I couldn't pass it up.:evilsmile
  5. I'm sure you will like it.Kimber makes a really good gun in mho.As for self defense ammo hydrashocks.
  6. Well.. just got back from shooting it for the 1st time... went through a quick 100rds.

    I think it shot pretty well from about 40'... considering I've never really shot a handgun before.

    Out of 100rds.. I prolly had 7-10 times where the slide locked back.. and didn't feed the next shell. Rack the slide back and it would feed the shell and continue to fire. Not sure what this is called. What causes this? I am new to all this.. and I know that improper grip can cause issues like this?

    The below pic is 5 mags worth of ammo.. so 40 rds. The outer spray was just racking off the last 2 clips for fun...
  7. Just talked w/ the guy that originally owned the gun today... he said that he only put 200 rds through it.. and he bought it new. So the gun only has 300 rounds through it total. He stated that he never had a single issue with the gun.. So I believe that it's very probable that I may have been hitting the slide release w/ my thumb during the shot or something like that. I totally disassembled the gun today, cleaned and lubed it a bit more.
    How far do you guys normally take down your guns when cleaning them?
  8. Is that a silencer on that gun???
  9. Yep...not cheap either!!!!! Some say suppressor...All the same
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  10. Yeah, it's a SWR HEMS (high efficiency maritime suppressor). It makes it sound like a paintball gun.
  11. Nothing Cheap about a Kimber!!! I love them, I have owed 3 in my day.....
    As far as Mags, buy the "Chip McCormicK" Stainless Mags They work flawlessly. If I remember correctly Chip McCormick helped design the Kimber 1911. As far as Ammo, I like XTPs and Hydroshock for Defense! Never shot Match Ammo thro my 1911....... Enjoy its a great gun, I shot my custom shop Kimber against a Wilson Combat, and the guy who owned the Wilson cryed after trying my gun. No its not a Wilson Combat, but its close as you can get w/out the price........IMHO

    GoodLuck and Enjoy!