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Got on the Ice!!!

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Got on the ice! After the 2nd try! 1st try went to a channel on Cree Lake. Got both feet wet:( Soft spot on the shoreline. Went home and put on some dry stuff. Went to the South bay of Big Turkey Lake. 3-4 inches of good ice. Didn't do all that great - 4 big crappies and 4 or 5 bluegills. But I did get to go fishing. Saw a cool sight - 2 big otters running across the ice. First time I have seen otters in Indiana.
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Allright, bring on the ice. Good report. Where is that lake at?
Near Stroh. You would go East down US 20 about 13-14 miles west of Lagrange and turn south at the Prairie Heights High School. Go several miles south to Stroh. Lake is on the left.On the Lagrange/Steuben county line. If you would turn south at the school and turn right on 100 South you would come to Appleman Lake. Another good spot with a public access.
Glad to hear you folks in Indiana are starting to get good ice as well. Got out for just the second time this year myself today.
Did you use that new vexilar? Do you have an Fl 8 or Fl 18?
I use a FL-18. Just got it this year and love it.
good for you, not much good ice this way yet. All the talk about the vex's is making my wallet ache. good thing I only ice fish a few times a year or I would have to be buying ice fishing toys, I mean gear. :tongue:

I have an old fl 8, not much newer than they used to put the hondex labels on them. I'd like to think about an fl 18 but I have two kids in college. No money:( I don't even want to look at them close up! But my old vexilar still does the job.
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