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got the boat out yet

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well I got the boat out last weekend :cheeky-sm . we floated down grassy creek to tippy lake and crashed into an ice berg :yikes: then back up to sawmill. we didnt catch much yet but it felt good to get out.
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Started mine up Sunday to burn off the "Stabil" won't be long now....
I should still be ice fishing this weekend - not quite time to trade the bucket for the sea nymph.:)
Hey Dusty, how open was tippy? Could you get across the flats to the river? or was it just as you came out of Grassy? How open was Sawmill and is the lock working..or even needed? Last I was there water was over the dam.. (about two weeks ago)

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well Kevin, grassy was not as high as it was then. Tippy was open across the flats but the narrows into little tippy was still hard water. you could get out about 75 yards from the mouth on tippy all the way across the east end. Sawmill was open only in the bay that leeds to grassy. the locks are working fine but the river is up a bit and that makes it hard to get through with the current.
Cool, thanks for the report.. and if you see some nut cases fishing on Grassy this weekend in a Tuffy Rampage be sure to give me a shout as it will be Do you live on the Chain?? If so which lake and do you musky fish? Just curious
I live on kuhn lake, I'm not right on the lake but the ramp to kuhn is spiting distance from my place. I have never fished for muskey but would love to try some day, I don't have the hevy gear requried, or don't know any tricks to the trade. I talk to fisherman at the webster ramp and they tell me I'm crazy for living this close and not going after them gators. I did hook one about a year agao on a baby mama's -4 crankbait with an ultralight uglystick and 4 lb test mono, talk about an experance .I was fishing for bass and when I hooked a log that took most of my spool in his frist run I knew I was in for a fight :help: .I got him up to the dock on backwater but had no net or gaff :banghead3 befor I knew what hapend he came out of the water for the third time and spit my crankbait right back at me.:(
spitting distance from the kuhn public ramp? about how far I am also, except I am on a channel... If you want to give them a shot this year let me know, I have had great luck on the chain... Made it out on friday, got all the way into the mouth of James, but had to break a little ice to do it.. just like you mentioned.. Didn't see anything though...not even any shad..
well kevin, I live on the corner of B6 and 13, right where they cleared that creek out last year. Ya that was us. I would love to catch one of those toothy critters this spring. What channel are you on?
I am on the second channel, b6b is the road I am on.. You are right on the corner? I have definitely seen you around then.. Will have to give you a yell one of these times I am down there and take you after some ski's... I caught a 37.5" one this sunday(Easter) on Lil' barbee trolling... Nice fat chunky thing...
Sound like a date to me. can't wate, thanks
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