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Got the day off

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by pigeonflier, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. :corkysm55 Boss just called said job was on hold for tomorrow. Looks like I am gonna have to wake up the river folk in the morning. Its great to be hooked on quack.
  2. What Part of the St. Joe do you hunt?? I am not trying to find out your spots Just intresting that all these birds are on the river and I am not killing many on the lakes

  3. Most of them are coming from between mishawaka and elkhart. Stay away from the heavily hunted areas like Baugo Bay. My secret is to run the river the night before and find out where they are sitting. Then be there in the morning. Not much of a secret huh. You have to have a boat to get to them. Use the maggies landing launch, its about the only one left that you can still use before daylight. Best places are a patch of woods between all the houses. Watch the wind the night before and pick a spot to favor the wind and also brings the birds in a shooting lane. Very technical with the wind. Set up wrong and you cant shootem or you will spray a house. NOT GOOD. Where are you located DOC Or try north of South Bend. Lots of birds over there. Remember these are park ducks and they are getting very smart. I use a full spread of G and H ducks and geese. They cost me both arms and 1 leg. But for a hunt hardy duck, its what you need. Took a group this morning and they should have killed 6 but ended with 1. I bet we saw 600-700 geese this morning. They were coming by in packs between 20-80. At 1 time there was around 150 circling us. But the #s rule and we couldnt get any down. Was a pretty good morning. Probably saw around 200 ducks. I am not saying they worked into the spread though. Lots of flybys. Scouting is the key. Know where they want to go. Was going to try Kingsbury this morning , heard there has been lots of ducks moving south last couple days. Went there last night and they have about 20 kills for the week. 2 groups yesterday got the big 00. So headed for the river. I love that river. Saw a very nice 10 point yesterday in Kingsbury. He better start banging his head on the tree to get rid of those antlers TONIGHT
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  4. Pigeon--

    I live in Laotto, just north of Ft. Wayne, I was just wandering, Thanks for the info and good luck.