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Gotta keep up with Piggyn!

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by goggleye57, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. Had a couple of hours to fish this afternoon - Went to a small lake near Kendallville. 20 fow with a green Marmooska jig. Had to use a spring bobber and a heavy jig- awful windy to sight fish. the bigger bluegills are 9+ - finally caught some active fish! :) Weather is not looking good for the ice over the next couple of weeks


  2. Very nice mess of fish.....the bite has been slow around here....looks like some nice fish!
  3. another mess of brim from this afternoon that 410 would be proud of. Cut it short, they were hitting spectacular.
  4. :banghead3 i am going in the morning dagnabit :coco:
  5. good job eric,nice mess of gills
  6. Great job Eric and Goggleye. Nice mess of fish.
  7. I seen ya Goggleyes!! You might just have a parnter out there this weekend :) Was suprised to see you the only one out tonight. Cant believe didnt get Mr. Reloader out there with ya being that close to his house :)
  8. Nice job, Mark! I didn't have my mojo working this evening... only caught 1.
  9. Nice stacks of fish, fellers.

  10. What he said......way to go men.
  11. Nice catches gentlemen! The ice is short lived now, get'em while you can...
  12. does the phrase invy you ring a bell!! great catch.
  13. That is a nice measuring stick!!!;)