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Gotta know

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by ccavacini, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    I have to know what you guys are doing when there's no ice on the lakes...I'm going through pheasant hunting withdrawl, so I can just imagine you guys' pain.
  2. All one needs to do is browse this forum...from many of the posts you can see we are going whacko!!! I know I am!!! :coco: :dizzy: :bonk:

  3. Working off the "honey-do" lists that built up over the hunting season and sending out resumes. Getting thoughts of practicing my putting and chip shots, get ready for the next "season".
  4. Put new tires on the boat trailer. Drive out to the lake and look around. Walk the shore in search of lost lures. Re-arrange each tacklebox. Buy new tackleboxes and arrange those. Clean and oil reels. Wait for the Boat, Sport and Travel Show in the middle of February. Drive to Cincinnati to the Bass Pro Shop. Wait, wait, wait.
  5. Gettin ready to go to Mississippi over Spring Break, cleaning out the basement , chasing my wife around the house :yikes: :)
  6. :bonk: i am already there ?:banghead3
  7. Losing it.

    10-4 on the going bonkers fellas!!!
  8. I put the boat back in on Saturday, couldn't take it anymore! Need help! Somebody talk to mother nature!
  9. Ditto!

    Basically it's been "ditto" along the lines of other responses. I will admit I'm wearing an Internet path OFTEN to the Weather Channel to see if they're changing their predicted lows. (Right now I'd jump up&down if I saw one low in the teens someplace.) I am going to "Alternate Plan B," however. Actually I lucked into it by giving my wife a trip to her brother's winter home in Florida for Christmas & we're headed off next week. No joke,I really thought I'd be missing out on my favorite fishing - On hard water. Oh well, he lives near Sebring & last year we took a peek at a famous lake 15 mi. away - Lake Istokpoga (28,000 acres). This year I put it on our fishing list. In addition to good pops of redear, gills&crappie, it's reknown as a bass lake. Get this slot limit - Only 3 bass allowed, none between 15-24", but only one over 24". Are you kidding! - I haven't caught one over 24" in my life! Oh well, think of me suffering. With my luck they'll probably have the lowest temps of the year when we're there.
  10. I found the cure

  11. Hey Patches, I'd bet you'll catch a lifetime's supply of panfish too. What are the limits on 'gills, crappy, etc.

    Remember to practice "Catch and Release".

    1) Catch Fish
    2) Clean Fish
    3) Flour and Release in 355 degree Crisco
    4) Fall asleep on lazy boy
  12. Sounds like a great time! take me too!:help:
  13. Looking for arrowheads with my kids.Found a couple broken ones!
  14. Went to Clear lake on Sunday jigging for walleyes out of the Deep Vee. Sucked badly. No hits. Drank a lot of beer though. If we don't get some ice, I may turn into an alcoholic. The Marcum's looking at me sadly....poor little guy.