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GPS & Chartplotters ???

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by BluegillJoe, Feb 18, 2006.

  1. Can anyone explain to me the difference between chartplotters and GPS units?
  2. my guess.

    Was asked to reply to this topic from a member of another board that saw this topic and thought I might could add my 2 cents. No expert but I would think a chartplotter would indicated some kind of built in or chip inserted navigational chart such as marine or offshore charts to the unit on which the GPS or Loran (sp) would relfect your position on those charts. The way maps or charts are inserted or downloaded to units these days it seems like a term that could be misleading. If you download or insert inland waters to your unit it would seem to serve the same purpose as a chart does for offshore. Can we call a unit loaded with freshwater data an "inlandwaterwaysplotter". Na thats to long and won't work for the marketing people. Think you would do better to figure where your going to use your unit and go from there in your selection. Worry more about refresh rate of the screen, Tranducer type and frequency for the depth you will fish and if it will be a fishin and huntin unit or just for fishin. Fixed mount or handheld. Color or mono. Don't get stuck on the terms if your looking for a unit. Its the technical aspect of the unit that should sell you on it. O'h and make sure I can make ya some maps from the data it generates. LOL