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Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by JL, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. Hey, fellas...I haven't seen any threads on GPS units (handheld or otherwise) on here, so I figured I would start one. I have a Lowrance IFinder GO2...very inexpensive handheld unit. I love the built-in basemap and all of the other features, but I'm having trouble with it freezing up on me. I'll have to send it back in to Lowrance. How about you guys? Do you have a GPS, and are you happy with it? Let me know.

    James Lyon
  2. i have the same hand held you have and i noticed the same freezing that you did. I bought a set of new batteries and it hasn't dont it since. i like the fact that it can hold 1000 waypoints. i use it mostly for ice fishing. It will get me back within 6-9' of the the hole i marked.

    On the boat we have a Lowrance lmx 320 sonar/gps. it is very easy to use and is upgradeable with hot spot maps and contures. it is just as easy to use as the hand held. it is very nice at night trying to get from one spot to the next with out hitting sunken bars and humps. i would recomend Lowrance to anyone.

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    I have the real cheap one (108.00) I think it's a Megellan. Bought it so I wouldn't get lost grouse hunting in the U.P. of Mich. It only works when you're moving. Did mark some underwater humps in Canada with it so it's been all I need.

    Checked, it's a Garmin.

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  4. I got a Garmin Etrex Summit for Christmas and do not know much about it yet. When I go hiking or driving, I fool around with it, but generally I have forgotten everything I might have learned by the next time I go out. It does not freeze up, and I can download a lot of maps to it, but that is not a real advantage since I fish almost exclusively in Indiana and the mapping for this state appears to be somewhat limited when compared to the large southern lakes. It is difficult to get a grip on all the the features of a GPS. I will probably use is the most when fishing, but since I generally go to the same lakes all the time, unless it is real dark and foggy, I may not even put it to that much use fishing.
  5. I have the Garmin 76C. Gosh I love that thing... I have a mount that will fit any vehicle and take everywhere I go, shure beats a map any day of the week, and it's right almost 100% of the time. Unlike someone reading the map would be(myself included).

  6. I have a GPS unit and would tell you what brand it is if I could find it. Pretty sure its a Garmin. I've used it at Reelfoot Lake a couple of times and used it in Canada. Haven't found much of a need for it around here though. I think I need another one to help me keep track of the one I can't find. :bonk: