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Grant Woods Seminar

Discussion in 'Indiana Outdoor News' started by QuailDancer, Jul 20, 2006.

  1. Dr. Grant Woods seminar on July 28th at Mt. Vernon High School
    This is another heads up to everyone for the upcoming seminar at Mt. Vernon High School's Auditorium at Fortville, Indiana.

    The Indiana Chapter of Quaility Deer Management is sponsoring a seminar by nationally acclaimed and foremost Whitetail Deer Biologist, Dr. Grant Woods. Dr. Woods will be speaking about the One Buck Rule, Antler Restrictions, shorter or late firearms seasons, and Hunter Education in deer biology. Also, learn about deer biology, deer behavior, habitat, and herd dynamics.

    The Location is Mt. Vernon H.S. Auditorium in Fortville, Indiana. Fortville is just north and east of Indy a little ways.

    1776 W. St. Rd. 234
    Fortville, Indiana 46040

    Doors open at 6:00 P.M.; seminar begins at 6:30
    Cost: Adults $10; kids free

    This is an excellent opportunity to hear what a professional Deer Biologist has to say about deer management in Indiana. Also, groups such as the Indiana Deer Hunter's Association, Hoosier Record Buck Program, etc. will have members in attendance. This is a very important seminar so everyone please join us and tell all your hunting friends to attend.

    This information provided by Dean Weimer.

    Lets see a show of hands for those who would like to meet up and attend.

  2. Thanks...Quail

    Thanks Quail for posting this where it belongs...Front PAGE..:)
  3. seminar

    I am there...let me know when you guys think you will be here.

  4. Seminar


    Bring a tablet. Lots of good points will be made by the good doctor. See you there. I am working the QDMA table that night.

  5. I'm sure 410 and I will ride down together...more room in the car if anyone needs a lift.
  6. I have room for two or three (if there is no squabbling in the back seat) for any N.E IN guys wanting to ride down there.
  7. Quail....think you could swing down and get me?
  8. Sure thing, just give me directions to your tree stand.
  9. Ohhhh, real sneaky there. Trying to slide one in on an old guy that can't read so well anymore without a Simmons scope in front of his face. You're starting to sound like someone else on here always trying to find his way into someone else's stand. :cwm27:
  10. I'll come get you Randy....'Ol Buddy!!!! Hey, and while I'm there, I got a Lone Wolf that I'd like to test on one of those Parke/Vermillion area trees....
  11. From Indy.....

    Anyone need a ride?

    I'll have to slip in un noticed, I don't need any more publicity on my evil threat to get more "restrictions"

    Understand if you attend this seminar your a the dark force of evil.... leasing,outfitters, loss of hunters and even locusts are because of your efforts.....:evilsmile
  12. i heard if more than 5 OBR supporters attend it will cause a sunami that will hit the east coast and reach to the midwest where all the antler worshipping zombies live!!! :cwm27:
  13. Sorry Randy, but it was worth a shot, thought I heard opprotunity knockin:tongue:
  14. Well tree let put a wave in there on the 28th that will wash them all out except the OBR gang which will always be strong enough to hold on. GIANT WAVE ON IT"S WAY:grouphug: :yikes: :bowdown: