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Great cause, worth a minute.

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by WarEagle, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. USSA is an all-volunteer nationwide, 501©3 charity dedicated solely to granting terminally ill and disabled youngsters the hunting and fishing adventures they have long dreamed about, but might otherwise never realize because of their tragic medical circumstances. Since our founding in 2000, we have made more than 2,600 such dreams come true. Sadly, for many of our children, time is an ever-advancing, mortal enemy, and their diseases will soon overcome them. Though their bodies may be weak, their spirits are strong, and helping them break the chains of hospitals, therapy, treatments and operating rooms – if even for a few precious days in the outdoors – is our one and only mission.

    If you know of a disabled child we can grant a wish to, or you would like to get involved by taking a child hunting or fishing please contact us at:

    7864 Shotwell Rd.
    Pittsville, WI 54466
    (715) 884-256
    Fax: (715) 884-7388

  2. God bless you for your involement in such a wonderful oranization.I as well many on here I'm sure would be more than willing to due our part to
    help out in anyway we can. I'm up to taking anyone fishing for a day.

  3. Great Deal - Thanks for the heads up - Let us know what folks here can do to help :grouphug:
  4. WarEagle what a great cause and the Bible tell us we have to take care of the children. Way to go if this site can help let us know.
  5. I'd say the first step would be to touch base with Brigid of U.S.S.A. She is a women after our own hearts, she was gearing up to take 8 kids turkey hunting in WI, when I spoke with her last night.

    Anyway, I am sure an email from the powers that be asking how we at can help would be a good starting point. ( I know she would appreciate anything that can do to help.

  6. Good Deal. there should be more people like you in this world.
  7. i really think this is a wonderful thing. i pesonally at this time don't know anyone or have a place to even take them but i would be willing to donate to the cause. how precious of a gift this is to have something like this.
  8. Good stuff man! I'm sure anyone with a heart would help. It's nice to know that people care. Sometimes it makes you wonder. Keep us informed.
  9. I am so impressed by the people on this site. I posted the exact same message on which I am every bit as active on, and received no replies.

    I sent Brigid an email today talking up the good outdoors people of IndianaSportman and this fine site. I asked that as soon as she had a free minute to stop by and introduce herself, that she do just that.

  10. WarEagle.....I am going to present this information tomorrow night at the Izaak Walton League - Clinton, Indiana Chapter meeting. I am an officer there and a member of the hunting committee. We had discussed doing some type of hunt for disabled hunters. I think this is a great cause that you have brought to our attention.