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Great Finish Last Night

Discussion in 'Indiana Small Game Hunting' started by Doc Holiday, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. Ran the beagle last night, great hunt, fresh powder! went in to some real thick briars, I saw one sneak out the back side, about 70 yds in front of the dog, dog gets on it right away, runs around me once and can't shoot, about 10 minutes later here he comes bang. one rabbit

    10 minutes later dogs jumps another one, he is really eating this one up, just flat poundin him. I got to see the whole thing, this rabbit is running dead away from me, he gets out there about 50 yds does a 90 degree turn around a big oak tree and the dog never broke stride, aroiund the tree he comes and right back at me, 15 yd shot... bang
    2 dead rabbits.

    Great hunt to finish the season. too bad its over and all the states around us are still in. Smoked a victory cigar and drank several beers, in celebration of a great finish and the sadness of the season being over.
    Hope yall can kill a coiuple today, I can't hunt.
  2. Good stuff Doc. Not many things more fun than watching beagles work.

    Congrats on the great end to the season...

  3. you...?? drink beer??? naaaaa ... only on special occasions i forgot :D
  4. once in a while I indulge with a schlitts, or Hamms
  5. Looks like you'll get another chance in Feb. now, Doc.
  6. Watchin a beagle run a rabbit is one of the great joys of life :bowdown:
  7. I think I will buy an extra case of Hamms for the extended season, I can't wait. My whole attitude and outlook has now changed from gloom (season being over) to exicetment of the upcoming 1 week season. I called all the guys last night and they were gonna stock up on old style, old Milwaukie and Strohs. Its on boys, look out rabbits were back!
  8. never rang...ooooohhhhh thats right goose season is over.... ppff
  9. Noble if you woiuld slow down the the breedin at your house maybe you coiulda answered the phone last night.