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Great Labor Day Weekend!!!

Discussion in ' Outing Forum' started by treehugger, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. Labor Day weekend was a fantastic outdoor weekend! Camped Friday-Monday with my family. Met up with oldrookie and his son, tilesetter and his brother and some of their kids, and seabee and his family. I did a squirrel hunt/deer scouting trip on Saturday squirrels but very productive scouting trip. I saw 2 large does and a fawn at the waters edge on the way back to the hunt. I boated out to the hunting area, by far the easiest and quickest way to get there. Found the spot to put up a ladder stand while scouting and then found a drop shed with 5 points that had been snacked on by the squirrels and mice. Tilesetter rolled in with his gang that evening and we had a great visit "shootin' the breeze" around the campfire well into Sunday morning. Oldrookie showed up Sunday morning and later that day I took him and his son to the stand location I found on Saturday. They provided great help in us getting the stand setup. It was a long hike back through some pretty rugged terrain. Someone will score from this stand site. I setup a trail cam in the area so hopefully in about a week I'll get back out there and have some pics to post. Seabee and his family showed up on Sunday also and it was nice to meet them, really nice people. Looking forward to hunting with all of them this fall during archery season. At camp on Saturday evening we had a big wild game feed...Goose kabobs, venison steak, venison brats, Elk steaks, and fried fish. One of the guys in camp took 3 geese on Friday and 5 ducks on Monday. I caught 8 bass on Saturday morning while fishing my way back from the scouting trip, all on a top water Chug Bug, with 1 keeper in the bunch. Great way to end the summer....BRING ON DEER SEASON!!!!!
  2. now tree that was a great weekend. i went home to visit the family and did some qlty. things with the grandkids. i probaly won't get home again till thanks giving. gotta put up some stands and do some scouting. can't wait. :bouncy:

  3. Sounds like you guys had a great weekend.
  4. I had to work all weekend......:mad:
  5. Yeah, but look on the bright least you get 30% off.
  6. :mad: !!!

    :chicken: !!!
  7. I got most of my stands ready and was pleasantly surprised to see a doe with triplets Saturday.
  8. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    I took the kids out in laws. I'm going straight to heaven.
  9. Hey Tree, you can tell the gang we all could have been there, you offer us all a trip before. Sounds like you all had a great time. Way to go
  10. ....oh, one other thing...I took my 8 year old and her 8 year old friend canoeing in the lake...everything was cool until we got back to the boat ramp. First my daughter gets out and I told her to hold the rope tight so we didn't float away. Her friend gets out and as soon as her feet hit the ground the canoe flips and I'm in the water up to my neck. Take my advice, don't take your cell phone with you when canoeing...they don't work to well when they get submerged. Anyway everyone got a good laugh out of that...thanks oldrookie for letting us use your canoe.
  11. tree stand

    Guys... I know where a good tree stand will probably be for sale come January. The only cost is getting it out. I'll be darn if I am getting it out.:) By the way Tree, I hope the lake isnt frozen in January or you wont see that stand until May!

    Had a great kick back time this past weekend in Clinton. Now we will wait and see if we guessed right. Coming back to camp we did see a small 4 pointer wondering what all the noise was about. We must of looked harmless, he stared us down for 5 minutes.

  12. Come on Bill, you suffered through putting it up and it will be much easier getting it with a lot of the growth being gone...and I guarantee it will be a lot cooler then! :cwm27:
  13. seabee

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    I had a great time meeting everyone, rook...thanks for letting me hang at your campsite for the day!, Randy....when i read your first post i was wondering if you were leaving something out on purpose(canoe trip). Tile...wish we could have talked a little more. I am looking forward to hanging with everyone this fall and doing a little hunting together!

  14. you the man tree,that sounds like a perfect weekend