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Great Reports but short on "Shafer"

Discussion in 'Northeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by Lulu Patches, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. Hi Folks! Great reports! I enjoy reading about action going on around the area. Haven't been on for a while because I can't get the time to make it over from NW Ohio. - So, I've just been doing local reservoirs. Have a question that should be placed under NW IN but you guys are great & give legit info so I thought I'd ask. Some of you must have been to IN Beach & while there, wetted a line. That's where our family is headed for a week on Lake Shafer. I've tried researching but can't find anything solid. - I'm just trying to find out what species are in the lake to go for. Don't need any SUPER hot spots, just what kinds you've caught or heard about. Thanks ahead of time! PS Erie is still producing well! - Not only walleye but even perch yet.
  2. Havent been there in quite a while. But when I was we just targeted gill and crappie. Sorry I cant be of anymore help than that!

  3. If you have a boat you will do better than from shore.If youre fishing from shore go to the Oakdale damm under the damn you can catch catfish, silvers, walleye, panfish and bass. Cutbait ,shad guts for cats, artificials for everything else. The lake doesnot offer much shoreline fishing because it is all owned but if you are staying at a resort near Indiana Beach they all have fishing piers and are lucky enough to be in good fishing areas of the lake.
  4. Near the Beach

    Thanks for the info. Will try to feel out the "natives" at bait shops as well as watching where any fish. We'll be situated just north a 1/4 mile from IB. I will be taking my boat so it sounds interesting.
  5. Best of luck to ya and make sure you have a good time!!!!
  6. If yopu are taking your boat thats a different story. Try all along the IB property. Slob gills and nics bass around the rocks. Follow the shore and pitch boat docks for bass. Get into some bays when the boat traffic is too much and try any or all points you can. Small crankbaits tube jigs and rubber worms will do the trick for bass. Be careful by IB. by the swimming pool side of the rip rap there is a 30# +++ flathead that loves wackyrigged senkos.