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Greatest Show on Earth - Results

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by DEC, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. Well, I just got back from the scoring session at Gander in Fort Wayne. Let me first say that there was some impressive head gear on display in that room. It was amazing to see what our great state is producing in mature deer. We witnessed two new county records fall today. An absolute monster 170's 10 pointer in Whitley Co. and a 150's archery record for Dekalb.

    Lots of good bull was shot and a lot of laughs. I'll say that old Scott can score about 4 deer to every one that Dean could.:biggrin: Dean takes a bunch of crap, but he's a pretty good guy. Not nearly as fat, balding, and slobbish as Quail makes him out to be.:tongue:

    We stopped by the Golden Corral for an extremely late lunch. No fish on the menu so 410 was going into convulsions. J.L. showed up late, but wisely chose not to eat.

    The gang all decided to go fishing at Scott's place. Not being one to show them up, I decided that my fishing prowess should not be put on display ... actually, I was afraid of getting on the thin ice with that many guys. 410 said something about using Tmarsh as the guinea pig to test the ice.:evil:

    Here's a photo from after the measuring season.


    Left to right and I'm sorry to those who I forgot your name. I'm real bad with names.:chillin:

    410, DEC (me), physcobubba (black shirt squatted), Dean, Quail (squatted wearing antlers), oldrookie, CB, Tmarsh, Scarlett Dew, bearded guy (can't remember your name ... sorry), two more guys that I can't remember their names ... again sorry!, and Scott Wersler.

    There were some others that floated in and out during the day as well.

    It was a good time. Can't wait to hook up with everyone again!:coolgleam
  2. I reiterate what DEC said in the impressive racks that were scored today. Little did I know, but the the New DeKalb County archery typical was scored impressive 10-Pointer that scored 153 and change. I would like to thank everyone who came today; it was quality time spent with quality people. I know that I sure enjoyed everyone's off the cuff remarks, cut ons, and gernuine bad makes me tear up even thinking about it.

    I'd also like to take the time to thank my friend and fellow whitetail nut, Mr. Scott Werstler, who is one of the best scorers in the state. While extremely anal retentive; and not to accepting of my ribbings at times, Scott does an excellent job for folks. My hat is off to you Junior.

    Once again, I must comment on the awesome people that I've met, and keep meeting, from the website. You guys are super cool dudes!!!!!!!

    Also, showing up today from the site is Mr. Cary Cavicini. Again, what an outstanding human being. It was a pleasure Cary.

    After our stellar afternoon together, I'd like to start "beating" the fishing 2007 tournament drum. I talked to Rookie and Seabee about it again at dinner. We decided that it would be fun to see if we could get kicked out of a state park somewhere whiling all camping together. Can you imagine the stories and laughter at that campfire??? Hello!!

    The other folks in the picture were Harold (tall with beard in back), Mainbeam (tall dark hair), smokey Z (between Dew and Werstler in front with green shirt on).

    Keep it real men!!! Get R Dun!!!!!

  3. Did anyone else eat the tuna salad? I'm starting to feel a little off.

    Had a blast as always with eveyone there. It's great to put names with faces. Indiana is kicking out some real monsters.
  4. Starting????

    Reminds me of Monty Pyton's "The Meaning of Life"............

    Do mousse!!!!!
  5. Scary looking group right there! Sounds like a great time. Glad everyone had a good time.Even though I didn't go, things like this is what makes the best IN forum. Now, how many fish were ice'd?
  6. nice to meet and see everyone [​IMG] next time hope i can spend some more time to get to know everyone better . :fish: how did the fishing go ? :fish:
  7. Good time expected!! Good to put more names with faces. :coolgleam

    Quote of the day................"It's nice not having all the Scoring Credentials Werstler has, that way I don't have to do near as much of the work"......... .................I'll give you ONE guess who said that one!!:cwm27:

    Laugh of the day.............Gander Mountain is next to a Mike's Automatic Car wash. Smokey Z owns a detail shop and has never been through a Mikes Automatic Car Wash. He was telling us how coooool that was as we were going through the rinse cycle.............and I thought I hit the lock pad on my controls......but accidentally I sent his back window down he was sitting by as I hit the wrong control button...............

    .................he cleans up pretty good. :evilsmile :evilsmile :evilsmile A little foamy lookin'......but smelled much better for the ride home.:evilsmile

    Great Day Gang..................Proud to know all of you. :coolgleam

  8. I may have said something similar to this, but I definately did NOT say the exact words that you wrote above................................
  9. Was I close??:biggrin:
  10. I have heard the surveillance tapes at Gander also pick up audio.
  11. Oh, I don't think Scooter and the "gill master" want me to say...:cwm27: It was a good time fishing the pond. Thanks, Scott!
  12. Well, hell...nobody introduced me to these guys. Sorry to not meet you, sideslapper, Mainbeam, and Smokey Z.
  13. I feel safe to speak for all of us here......We need details on this, James!!
  14. Gander

    As usual, good to see everyone again. After that lunch, CB and I managed to stay awake on the ride back. Got a little concerned when CB started yawning by hartford city.

    Be great to do a camping/fishing gig late spring!
  15. Great time yesterday fellas. Just like everyone else said, it was nice to put some more faces with names.

    I wasn't able to stick around the pond too long fishing, but, let it be known, that my first ice fishing trip ever DID yield a fish, in only about 15 minutes of blind trying.

    Big ole monster bass through the which tuck exclaimed...."WELLLLL LOOK AT YOU!!"

    Thanks again guys. It was a blast all the way around.

    FYI...Chain O' Lakes State Park has ALOT of lakes...and camping...just an idea there Deano....:bouncy: