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Greatest Show On Earth

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by 410, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. WOW just one more week until it happens. January 27th 2007 at Gander Mountain in Fort Wayne, from 9:00 AM until 2:00 PM.
    Come one come all and bring those heads deer, elk, moose, bear, antelope with you and have Dean or Scott score them for you. Show your kill off to all. Shotgun, pistol, muzzle loader, bow it does not matter bring them all.
    After the scoring session is over go over with us all to Golden Corral for dinner and a Bulls*** session, please bring pictures big or small so everyone can see and enjoy.
    I know I will be there how about you? Who all is coming?:grouphug:

  2. i'm going to try my darndest...
    I've got the best buy repairman coming some time during the day so even if i dont make the measuring hopefully i can meet for dinner. I cant wait to meet you guys (even you dean)!!!!
  3. Sounds like a great time. Hopefully I can drive up north and meet with you guys.
  4. For got to tell everyone that the Golden Corral is all you can eat. Now that will bring in more people like Pigeon. HA!. Come one come all
  5. I sure hope to make it, I'm missing my 2nd day of work now. Came down with pneumonia, not a lot of fun, but the drugs have been enjoyable:dizzy: .
  6. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    The repairmen should be there sometime between 8am and 9pm...good luck!
  7. I've got class at IPFW until 4:00 that day. Hopefully there is still some BSing going on somewhere then...
  8. 410, is it true that Scott and Dean will be dressed as Punch and Judy?
  9. No, Quail, I'm afraid you heard a play on words. What's going to happen is that I will PUNCH you out, and you'll cry like some girl named Judy. I hope this helps..............:mad: !!!!

    And oh yes, Tucker is buying lunch at Golden Corral. I love you Bill!!!!!

    P.S. Bring the picture of Jimmy and I'll autograph it for you finally.........!!!!!!! It'll be a real smash.......!!!!!!
  10. seabee how can you be so certain that the tv fella will be here that early?? last time it was after 2 before he got here...and the rest of the story is too vulgar to print...
  11. Old 410 will be collecting $$.$$ per person who shows up for dinner. I will collect $20.00 per person and the meal is $10.00 and I will keep half. In other words hell no I am not buying dinner. I would love if someone would buy me dinner like DEAN the money man.
  12. I'll be there. I'm thinking around 11:00 or so.
  13. Ok guys, I think I'm back amongst the living. I'll bring the photo for you Dean and a sack of peanut butter cookies for Scott. I'll put the girls to work in the kitchen tomorrow night.