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greetings from Indiana Beagler's Alliance

Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by indianabeaglersalliance, May 16, 2005.

  1. Hello everyone;

    My name is Jack Hyden. I am president of the Indiana Beagler's Alliance. Bet most of you didnt even know there was an But fact is the Alliance has grown to much more than a liason group for rabbit hunters and beaglers. We are now the spokes voice of all venues of sporting dogs at the Fish and Wildlifes Advisory Committee meetings held at the Government Center South in Indy on a Quarterly basis. We were in the forefront of preventing IDNR from closing dog training on state lands from Feb. 28 to Oct. 1st of each year. We are also working with the federal folks in the Pittman-Robertson group on bring field trialing of all types back to Indiana again. There is so much really exciting stuff going on in our state today I hardly know where to start. fact is I think ill make this the first of a series of informational threads on whats working in Indiana in and around our legislators and IDNR. Some really interesting information can found on the Alliance website at

    thanks for reading
    Jack Hyden
    Indiana Beaglers Alliance
  2. Steve

    Steve Admin Mod

    Jack, welcome to the site. Your Indiana Beaglers Alliance website is quite nice.

  3. Good to have you with us. I've got 3 bunny runners in the back!
  4. thanks guys.....

    got to admit i never met a beagle i didnt like.... wish i could say the same about

    what forum do you think would be the best place for me to start explaining some of the really exciting, fantastic and sometimes down right frustrating issues that are happening here in Indiana with sporting dogs and our IDNR.

    Jack Hyden, AKA... jackrabbit
    Indiana Beaglers Alliance