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Greetings from LaPorte County!

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Hey everyone. Swift One here from LaPorte County, Indiana. Jrbhunter told me about this site and I just had to get registered.

I am an avid hunter an fisherman. As far as hunting goes, predators and varmints are my favorite. I also pursue pheasant, rabbit, and squirel. I will be trapping for the first time this coming season also.

I love to fish for them big old river cats and go after some of the monster Carp we have up here in the ditches. I also love to fish for Pike, LM bass, and panfish.

I also love to rock climb and rappel in southern Indiana as well as camping in the Hoosier National Forest.

I am looking foward to meeting and talking to some fellow Hoosiers and maybe getting togetehr to do some hunting and fishing.
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Good to have you

Welcome Swift One. This should turn out to be a great site for Indiana outdoor adventure seekers. Its also nice to have another LaPorte Co. resident on board.

I use to hunt Kingsbury, about 15 years ago, for whitetail. I can honestly say I dont miss that place. Now I hunt private property in the Demotte area.

I see you mentioned pheasant hunting as one of your pursuits. My first hunting experience's were pheasant hunting with my dad and grandpa down in Morrocco IN. That was along time ago when they were real plentiful. Now good luck finding them. Tell me Swift One, where they all at? It sure would be nice to find a local area for ringnecks.

Welcome to the site & good hunting.

Hey Wanatah, I am right up the road from you in Westville. As far as the Ringnecks go, I hunted Pheasant for the first time this year in Winamac. the put-and-take program I think is what they call it. I have to say, I was suprised how hard it was to hunt the pen raised birds. i figured it would be like shooting fish I a barrel but I was VERY wrong. I plan on going this coming season for sure.

I do not deer hunt but I here ya about Kingsbury. Packed, packed and more packed with hunters per square mile than deer. Quite a dangerous place to hunt druring the deer seasons in my opinion. I hunt Kingsbury at night for the preds and after the deer seasons go out for Crow and G-Hog. I have nothing against deer hunters, but some of them at Kingsbury seriously think they own the woods from Oct-Jan. Most of my predator and varmint hunting is on private land in Porter and LaPorte Counties. You can never have too much land for predator hunting!!
Put and Take

Welcome Swift,

I too hunted winimac this year and did well I have been going many years and have good times most of the time. This picture was taken there on Monday of put and Take week. This wa the dogs third and best year there we got our birds everyday we went. Wanatah if you find some wild birds let me know I do most of my hunting locally on preserves.

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