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Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by mississinewa, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone, I just moved to the Wabash area late last fall. Fishing has always been a hobby, but back home near Chicago there weren't many nice spots, mostly ditches, and a real nasty slough area. I spent most of my childhood summers at my grandfather's cabin near the BWCA in Minnesota trawling for pike and wallaye. But I pretty much stopped fishing after I got divorced in mid '03.

    I had full custody of my 2 kids until my lawyer did a good number on me and lost it for me. I moved here to recover from the shock, and as spring began to take hold, I decided to begin exploring the Mississinewa, which is only about 7 miles from my home here. WOW! :fish: What a nice area! I have never lived somewhere with a nice lake nearby. Back home it's completely flat, no trees, and no real streams, rivers, or lakes. To live so close to something so beautiful is really helping my spirits. I have begun to re-learn how to fish passionately. I prefer angling with lures, even though my brother tells me that live bait is the way to go in this area. I do agree with him, but it's just my preference. I'll admit openly, that even though I have fished all my life, I'm still new to many terms, I couldn't begin to explain what kind of lures I am using, My brother calls them jigs, but I don't know.

    Also, has anyone heard the rumors of cougars in the Miami county area near the Mississinewa? :yikes: :help: :hide:
  2. welcome to the site. i know there are several sightings of mtn. lion in indiana and illinios. there's several sites on the internet dealing with couger sightings in this part of the country.

  3. Welcome to the site, Mississinewa...good for you for getting back into fishing. I hope you slay 'em this summer!
  4. Welcome

    I think thats another smallie heaven down there:rolleyes: :Welcome: :Welcome: :Welcome:
  5. Welcome to the site....don't carry catnip in your pockets down there.
  6. Welcome to the Site Mississinewa....

    Ah yes my old stomping grounds... I spent a lot of time there in my youth, around the Summerset area, and over into Miami county by the spillway... Lots of good fishing, hunting and Mushroom hunting to be had!

    Keep us posted on your adventures, and again, welcome!

  7. Welcome Mississinewa, I know you will like this site, hope fishing will be great for you and maybe one of these days one of the gang will be able to stop by and drop in a line with you.
  8. Welcome to the site mississinewa, glad to see you got happiness back!
    I fish Mississewa at time myself, when I have time that is. Been working way to much the last couple of weeks and fishin way too little... Way to little!! :mad:

    Check your PM's


  9. :Welcome: :woohoo1: to the forum happy :fish: :fish: :fish: ing