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  1. I'm a die hard steelhead angler from Michigan that's always been a fan of Indiana's skamania program. I look forward to reading reports of that fantastic fishery and just wanted to give a thank you to IDNR's great efforts on the St. Joe! Thanks for sharing!

    Good luck and tight lines in '05!
  2. Concerning 1000Casts comments about being a diehard Michigan steelheader, he is correct in saying "diehard". Rumor has it that he even tried to camoflauge himself as a steelhead once. His fishing pals TSS and Phly almost had ta give him mouth to mouth to bring him around........;) :tongue: :biggrin:

    Nah! That's just a tall tale! He's really a great steelhead/salmon guy.
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  3. Mr. Whitmore is no slouch either--hopefully he'll share some of his great reports and pics on here!

    Whit, I'll have you know that my therapy is going quite well and I no longer wake up from a dead sleep at the first sound of a raindrop hitting the ground and scream "the chrome is coming, the chrome is coming!"

    Of course, I still have a long ways to go, I've got a jar of eggs sitting here thawing and my spawnee is beckoning me to get off this computer and start tying up bags! :bonk:
  4. Oh Man, I see they let anyone on here!:cool:
  5. I'm a changed man now--I promise to be on my best behavior! :cheeky-sm :tongue: :biggrin: