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  1. I was checking these out on the Grim Reaper website. I think these are relativley new, has anybody shot these? I know their mechanicals are well built but haven't heard about the new fixed blade. I shot the G5 Tekan II last year......great flying mechanical.... leaves a nice hole but the blades expand while in the quiver.....kind of annoying having to put the o-ring back on before every shot.
  2. FIXED IS BLISS ( at least that's what I tell my dogs).

    I've always had poor results with mechanicals, so I stay with fixed blades, you know (if you put in the practice time with them) how they are going to fly every shot.

  3. Thumbe Up

    I Have Used Them For The Last Two Years. I Cannot Say Enough Good About Them, None Of The Three Deer That I Have Killed With Them Went Over 40 Yards, Two Of The Three Went Less Than 20. I Was A Skeptic Of Mechanicals Before, But Not Now, Reapers Are Real.
  4. About five years ago when i was hunting with my compound I shot a doe with a mechanical and I vowed never to use one again. I dont know what happened with a perfect broadside shot i manage to spear the gut sack dead center as if I shot the deer head on. I think a blade got caught opening on a rib or something and it jerked the arrow or something funky. I hit her right behind the shoulder and ended up with the nastiest gut job ever. I wouldn't use them, want a mean head go with the Muzzy Phantom, or the Wensel Woodsman. The woodsman is sold by I know guys that have gotten massive amounts of blood on trails while shooting these from recurves and longbows. They leave holes instead of slits which make them pretty good heads. They will fly awesome too. Fairly inexpensive it might be something to look into if you are interested in testing different things out. Good Luck deciding.
  5. Broadheads

    I personally use Muzzy on my bow. I love the way they fly. They are as true as a field point.

    The wound channel is superb with Muzzy. Good blood trail.

    I never have been a fan of mechanicals. It seems that it is just one more piece that can go wrong in a hunt.

  6. Almost any broadhead will fly true out of a properly tuned bow with a perfectly matched arrow.
  7. Why use anything but a Muzzy fixed blade broadhead...they are simply devastating!!!
  8. Have you tried Dean's brand?
  9. Thanks for all the relpies!

    I have not tried Foo-Shnizzles or whatever Dean calls them. I can only imagine what those killing devices look like!!

    Still haven't heard of anyone who has got a hold of the GRIM REAPER HADES FIXED BLADE.
  10. Broadheads

    Main Beam, that may tell you something :bash:
  11. Rowdy


    Muzzy's were built to go through anything. I saw a demonstration once where they were shooting concrete blocks with a 70lb. pull compound bow. They had about a dozen different kind of broadheads and the Muzzys were the only ones that busted concrete. The other broadheads just shattered. Muzzy's are designed to seperate ribs and go through just about anything.
  12. Muzzy broadheads

    Rowdy, I have seen a similar demonstration. The one I saw they were shooting through car doors. It went through that steel like it was hot butter.