Ground Blinds...Shoot Through windows

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    Anyone ever gun hunt from a ground blind? I just bought a new Ameristep Brickhouse TCS (Total Scent Containment). Its pretty neat, its a leafy pattern with Durashell fabric so its waterproof to keep you dry. Has seven zippered windows and Shoot Through mesh windows. It says you can shoot an arrow through the windows without a flight flaw......hmmmmmm. I will use it with my muzzleloader but I dont feel comfortable shooting a deer with my bow through mesh. I wonder if you shoot through the mesh window with a muzzleloader if all the smoke stays behind and smokes you out of the Well I just wondered if any of you have used one of these???
  2. Yes all the smoke will stay in your blind i have a double bull matrix, i shot mine in it once last year wont do that again,:dizzy: stick the barrel out the window, and as for arrows i have killed several deer through my mesh the deer dont tolerate the black windows very well at all, turkey dont pay attention to the blind at att, but deer seem to notice its there but i just lay some cedar limbs on top to break up the outline. i would shoot my bow at home through it and make sure it wont effect arrow flight, as long as it is tight you shouldnt have any trouble, another thing that really helps on all critters is wearing black inside the blind, almost imposible to see you if you wear all black, face mask are hard to find but you can buy them at double bulls web sight, if you never hunted from a blind it is a blast being on ground level looking them staight in the eyes at 5 yrds and they not even now your there. have fun.

  3. The mesh won't hinder your arrow flight, just rememeber ONE thing...Keep the Mesh as TAUNT as possible.

    There is a warning label on those blinds that tells you NOT to shoot a firearm through the Mesh as it is a Fire Hazard....poof up in smoke while you're looking for the door zipper....not cool. I just take the mesh off the windows and rotate the panels a little to give you openings for your gun barrel.

    You'll enjoy the blinds, they offer a fun way to hunt and are great for taking kids out with you.
  4. i read a few articles on shooting through the mesh with your bow .keith beam and brooks johnson owners of double bull archery have done extensive research and say that fixed blade broadheads and loose netting are the best way to shoot.something about when you shoot through tight mesh your arrow goes perpindicular.if you shoot it at an angle to the tight net your arrow will straighten out away from your target.i dont know if you put any faith in what these guys have to to shoot for yoursself and see.
  5. hell u dont need a to buy a blind just take a hand saw and some zip ties and zip tie some cut brtanch's together for cover