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Grouse/Bird Dog Recommendations??

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I have been thinking about getting another dog. We have a place in Northern Michigan near Wolverine. Lots of grouse in the area. What you bird dog guys recommend??
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my .02

Dogs are like cars when you ask a question like this everyone has their favorite breed and for many different reasons. I will leave breeds out of this for the most part. I will say though, I would definitly get a pointing breed. Part of your decision has to be based on what role in the family this dog is gonna play also. Bigger breed or smaller breed. All this being said here is my input on breeds. I have never really hunted grouse before. English setters seem popular along with the brittany's. I have a weim/eng. pointer cross she does great at most things but a smaller dog in the grouse woods could be a plus now on the open prairie watch out this dog can cover ground. its all a matter of function and preference.
Up here in Michigan, the Setter is probably the most popular Grouse dog followed closely by the Britt. However, that is not to say Pointers, GSP's, Weims, V's....Even flushing dogs aren't good Grouse dogs. What I would look for is a Good hunting breed that has the non-hunting traits you're also looking for (size, temperment, etc...) then concentrate on finding a breeder with good genetics in their line. Look at the parents, but more importantly, look at other litters those same parents gave birth to (ask for references). Talk to the references and ask to see the dogs in person, I don't know of too many dog owners that won't show off their dogs :biggrin: .

Once you've selected a pup, that is when you make it a Grouse Dog -- through hard work and training. The best part, though, it so make a grouse dog the dog has to hunt grouse, so get in the woods and chase them wily pats and doodles!!!!!

If you are interested in Britts, let me know, I can show you some good ones!!!!

BTW, I hunt grouse over by Atlanta and around Houghton lake.
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I really think I need a pointer! We jump a lot of grouse but have a hard time getting a shot at them before they are in the brush! with a pointer you would know you were close to a flush. I probably will be looking at getting one in a year or so. Right now I've got two kids in college. Not much extra money laying around:(
I like setters but I am partial to vizslas. They make good grouse dogs because they typically range pretty close but the north woods of Michigan get pretty cold though so long hunts might not suit them too well.
I'll have to look into that we usually hunt late September, October or early November. Not usually really cold weather. I can't get to my cabin late because its usually snowed in!
Well, if you send the key to your cabin, I will tell you my favorite bird dog. Ha, fat chance but I went German Shorthair because of hair and them being in the house. Had one or more for 30 years, all house dogs. Just find a good breeder, talk over what youre looking for and good luck.
P.S. there are no grouse in Mi, so if you see any they are endangered and you cant shoot em.
I have a Brit that I use on grouse. One problem though--she was raised on pheasant. Still, she hunts well and has a good disposition. I think all pointers will do well on grouse if they're raised on grouse.
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