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Up here in Michigan, the Setter is probably the most popular Grouse dog followed closely by the Britt. However, that is not to say Pointers, GSP's, Weims, V's....Even flushing dogs aren't good Grouse dogs. What I would look for is a Good hunting breed that has the non-hunting traits you're also looking for (size, temperment, etc...) then concentrate on finding a breeder with good genetics in their line. Look at the parents, but more importantly, look at other litters those same parents gave birth to (ask for references). Talk to the references and ask to see the dogs in person, I don't know of too many dog owners that won't show off their dogs :biggrin: .

Once you've selected a pup, that is when you make it a Grouse Dog -- through hard work and training. The best part, though, it so make a grouse dog the dog has to hunt grouse, so get in the woods and chase them wily pats and doodles!!!!!

If you are interested in Britts, let me know, I can show you some good ones!!!!

BTW, I hunt grouse over by Atlanta and around Houghton lake.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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