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  1. Been wanting to try grouse hunting but don't know much about. What is a good resource for information? A place i used to hunt was lousy with them. and they look like they would be a blast to hunt. Using a dog best or can you kick them up without one?

    G Hollen
    Greenwood, IN

    heaven is as close as the nearest woods
  2. Looking for a book? Person? Web-Site? Looking into hunting them in IN?

  3. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Jack can get you some information..I'm sure he'll respond to your post.
  4. Hoping to hunt them Indiana. Never hunted them before but my son is intrested in doing some bird hunting and grouse is one bird that is an indiana native. A place i used to hunt (alas, private land no longer availiable to me) was full of them. The family that owned it wasn't much on bird hunting so never had anyone to go with me