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  1. I just moved to Indianapolis for a job from NC this past spring. I have been hunting for years in NC and Virginia. Mostly grouse and waterfowl and I am hoping that someone here can help with some info. I wonder if hunting grouse in Indiana is even worth it any more. I can't really find any information on the subject and even the Indiana Fish and Game site doesn't tell me very much, except the regulations and the fact that grouse populations are very low.

    Are there any good places to hunt in Indiana and what would you recommend? Unfortunately, I can only get out on the weekend due to this new job and I guess I'm just looking to get out in woods even if I'm not really successful! I certainly appreciate any help.

    Jim Boothe
  2. ccavacini

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    Welcome to the site. Pheasant hunter here from Northeast Inidana.

    Jackc99 a member of this site is located in Indianapolis....I'm sure he'll answer your post about the grouse population in Southern Indiana.

    Good luck in your pursuit of them.

  3. Welcome, Jim. I do grouse hunt in Indiana. The birds are there but it's a lot of work and not a lot of shooting. Back in the 80's we had lots of birds. Since that time our state and national forests have been allowed to mature to the point that we have an imbalance in our woods. That said there a number of places I have hunted that hold birds.

    Morgan-Monroe State Forest does have birds and is about 1 hour south of Indy. Stop and ask at the forestry office for some guidance and they will show you the forest cuts that they have made in the last 20 years.

    Hoosier National Forest down near Bedford also has birds...and lots of deer hunters so you'll be sharing coverts with lots of archers. The Hoosier is under an injunction from the tree huggers in Bloomington but that will change in the next year and the US Forest Service will again begin logging there. It looks bright for the future but there are birds there and the Forest is about the single largest woods in the state.

    Harrison-Crawford is where it all started. There are birds there also but it's a long drive and if you get a flush a day you'll be thankful.

    Yellow Wood Sate Forest is also fairly close to Indy and doesn't get the traffic that the Hoosier does because it's pretty close by. Again there is a resident population but a flush a day is a success.

    There is a small Ruffed Grouse Society group here in town and we are working with IDNR and other conservation organizations to start managing the forests here in Indiana as they should be managed. With new leadership in state government I am hopeful that in a few years we might see some more birds around. And if you're ever in the Castleton Gander Mountain stop in and ask for me and I'll try and steer you to a couple of spots.

  4. Thank you!


    I really appreciate you response and the detailed information. Not knowing where to go, I drove down to Hoosier NF around Story today. It was a beautiful day and it was great just be outside. Walked quite a bit through that area and had a very enjoyable morning but didn't see any birds.

    The next time I get out I will try the areas that you have suggested. Thanks again.