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Gun for the season

Discussion in 'Reloading, Target Shooting, and Modern Firearms' started by 410, Jul 1, 2006.

  1. Have you sighted in your gun for the up coming hunting season?
    No matter what you are going to hunt what is your gun of choice?
    Plus what distance to you feel safe to shoot and kill the animal?

    Well I have been sighting in my 243 and my T/C Muzzle-loader. My choice for coyotes is my 243 and a distance of around 200 yards, and of course my T/C Muzzle-loader for deer up to 150 to 175 yards.

    OH yes I forgot I have been sighting in my 22 for squirrels.:bonk:
  2. Firearms sighted in?

    Yes, "410" I have all my firearms sighted in for the upcomming seasons. Got my CZ "American Classic" .22 LR sighted in for Squirrels, along with my .270 & .308 for deer hunting in KY. Got my Browning Gold Deer Slug Gun 20 Ga. & T/C .50 Black Diamond sighted in for Hunting here in Indiana. I have a Weaver Rimfire scope mounted on the CZ .22 LR, and Leupold & Redfield 3-9 power mounted on my two Ky Deer Rifles. On my T/C Black Diamond I use a T/c Factory peep sight. <Lots of Luck in the comming hunting seasons>

  3. Im lucky that my 44mag S&W pistol with Leupold scope has stayed sighted for 8 years,its best to get a top of the line scope,you have much less trouble.I always have to sight in my .22 scopes for squirrel season,cant afford to spend big for everything! ---Hey DAVID,how do ya like that CZ ? I was thinkin about one.
  4. i haven't sighted my slug gun in this yr. probably won't shoot it till oct. i've never had to adjust the scope. i just shoot to make sure. i've been shootin my bow some getting ready for bow season.
  5. Hi Reloader,

    I bought the CZ Model 452 back in 2000, and it is one of the best .22 LR. I've ever owned! I mounted a Weaver Rimfire 4-power scope on it, and use CCI mini-Mag. H.P. ammo or Super-X H.P.'s. Last year I sent it to Williams Gun Sight Company and had them install a front & rear "Firesights" as I wanted open sights on my .22's. The CZ looks a lot better with the open sights and I have them sighted in so I have the option of using a scope or opensights. If you decide to buy a CZ M-452, get the american classic as their LUX version has a much different style of stock that is not too scope mounting frendly. I was going to buy a CZ in .17 HM-2 but backed out as I figured this cartridge hasn't ben available for very long and I was afraid it would end up like the 5 mm Remington Mag.
  6. Hopefully only my Matthews gets pulled out of the cabinet this fall. I am still trying to decide if I should leave the 870 at home and just pack my T/C Omega into the woods.
  7. The only firearm im carrying to the woods through both gun seasons is my Remington ML700 Muzzleloader. Other than that I am just toting the bow to the woods with me.
  8. Going with the new T/C Omega .50 Cal. after the first archery season. A real good friend of mine gave me a Simmons scope to put on it...I'm still tweaking it but will have it zeroed in soon.
  9. How do you like your Omega? I couln't believe how true mine shot right out of the box.
  10. Right out of the box with open sights I was nailing it. Love it. I was surprised how much it "didn't" kick. I'm shooting 100 grains of Pyrodex (2 50 gr. pellets) and a 250 grain Shock Wave. My 12 ga. shotgun would have wore me out if I shot it as much as I shot the Omega on the range.
  11. Thats why i shoot the muzzleloader for that exact reason. They are so unbelievably accurate and they dont hurt you everytime you think about pulling the trigger on them.. Just a great weapon for someone trying to fill the freezer on a later year end hunt.
  12. been shooting my mathews 3 times a week for a couple of weeks now & will continue till archery season begins, will then use my 1187 if needed hopefully not. like to use my 22mag for squirrels dont have to move around so much, head shots only, browning bps 10 ga. is all ready for the geese, model 700 22-250 all ready for the yotes, good luck to all!!!!
  13. Amen. I love the fact that I can shoot my Omega as many times as my shotgun and not have a shoulder that is sore and bruised for several days. It sounds like you are shooting the exact same setup that I am. I was completely sold on the gun when I dusted a coyote at approx. 130 yards with open sights this past winter.

    Has anyone tried or shoot with Triple 7 pellets. I have been told that it is a much cleaner burn than Pyrodex, but I haven't personally tried it.
  14. it is a cleaner burn but along with the fouling you also lose some giddy up and go. Its not too drastic its rather a matter of how far are you going to be shooting. Out to 100 yards its not all that noticeable but getting out to 150-200 you will see a much greater bullet drop over regular pyrodex. Or so I have heard
  15. Thanks for the heads up!