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  1. We are going to get a my dad a gun safe for his birthday. Does anyone know what all I should know and make sure of before buying one? I want a nice one costing around $900-1100. Also can anyone direct me to the best place to look at some or buy one? I live in Whiltey county. THANKS!
  2. Rowdy


    Fort knox is a great brand, alot of times you can get a deal on one at places like Dick's and Gander Mountain if they have a ding or a scratch on them. A buddy of mine has a Browning Lightning...its a pretty sweet safe.

  3. I just got a Stack-On 38 gun safe for 800$ at Rural King,50$ cheaper than Dicks sporting goods.Its got a door you cant get off having bolts all sides of the door,yes you can cut through the sides but your not going to carry it out weighing 600+lbs,then imagine it full of guns.Only thing I do not like is its made in CHINA,but I cant afford one from here,a Browning like it would be 1500$ or more.I wonder what are made here now?
  4. first things first look for the fire rating, most times that will tell you just how good it really is
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