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Hamilton Lake Indiana Bass Fishing Video

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This is a trip from last year right after ice out on Hamilton Lake in Indiana. It was one of those quick morning fishing trips you sneak in. Water temperature was running low 40's. Umbrella rig and jerkbait were the only two lures that I got some bites on.

Hamilton Lake Fishing Video Click Here

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i like the suspending jerks in very cold water too. they cant stand the pause. that deep hole you were at edge of is a killer spot all year long. surprised you didnt catch more pike. they are thick in there. great crappie and big redears also worth the time. fished that lake since about 82. iced a 7.4# just around the corner from that spot. some real lunkers in there. one of my favorite lakes for sure. we nighttime crappie fish it every chance we get. that mite be one of the lakes i hit here soon. my boat is always ready to launch with our winters.

great video bigbass!
You have been in the area longer than me that's for sure. My parents moved just a couple miles down the road back in 89 I believe. That area was probably on fire week or so later. I had a real nice batch of yellow perch from there ice fishing shortly after that opened up to the main lake. You are right about the crappie. There are some giants in there. Couple channels down the same side of the bridge can get thick with crappie. You really have to be careful there, because the ice was a little iffy with the springs. Definitely, my favorite Indiana lake to fish. I prefer to fish it little later when you have better action throughout the lake. I just don't like fishing in crowds. Pike are loaded in that lake for sure, and some good ones too. Have you ever caught a smallmouth in there? There are occasional ones caught. I had one over 4 lbs. I caught off the sunken hump on the main lake years ago. They are usually caught down in front of the marina. The part that kills me is the bluegill all tend to be small for the most part. Never caught a bunch of nice bluegill from there. The yellow perch other than that one time all seem to be small too. That old quarry section might change some of those things with a different bottom content of sand and rock. Thanks for the reply. Glad you like it.
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