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Handgun Deer Hunters?

Discussion in 'Reloading, Target Shooting, and Modern Firearms' started by Hollywood, Aug 26, 2005.

  1. Do we have any Deer Hunters here that use a handgun? If so, what weapons do you use? I hunt with one of several handguns that I have for for hunting purposes. I use for the most part, a Smith & Wesson .41 magnum. I also use a S & W .357 mag., and a Colt Anaconda .45 colt.
  2. I've been hunting with a t/c contender in 35 rem. for the last 12 years. I also carry a smith & wesson model 19 but I've never shot it in the woods. I love the contender, poor shotgun just collects dust during deer season!! Steve

  3. S&W .357 is my choice, I need to get a scope for it. Although I did hit dead center @150 yards first try, don't ask about the rest of the shots... :rolleyes:

  4. Savage Striker .308

    To reachout and touch them in Indiana, I use my Savage Striker .308. I Sent it to Magna-port to have them install a Magna-brake (muzzle break) after it almost broke a friends nose! It has the advantage of minimal recoil and sports a 13" barrel with 2" of brake compared to the stock striker-11" barrel with 2" of brake. I set it up with a 3x9 rifle scope and a bipod attached to the bottom of the grip. Folding the bipod legs against the sholder, Makes it the perfect
    200 yd gun. I t-boned a 200 lb buck @ 40 yds using 125 gn
    nosler ballistic tip. I shot him through the liver and all that was left was soup. He staggered about 15 yds before falling.
    My slug gun will get a rest for a while.
  5. I just got a Taurus Tracker .41 mag!! I plan on taking it out for gun season and leaving the slug gun behind.
  6. I started with a S&W .357 mag and soon went to a T/C Encore in .308 topped off with a Burris 3-9x32 pistol scope. Very accurate, but it had the muzzle brake and I learned to hate the additional blast to my ears, so I got a 30-06 barrel without te brake and loved it. I sold those barrels to get others in more forgivng calibers so the wife and kids can enjoy shooting them also.

    I now use a custom Bullberry stainless bull barrel in .243 Win. and can stick shoot sub 1" groups at 100 yards with a Burris 5x scope.

    The wife shoots a T/C Contender in 44 mag. with a 10" barrel and open sights. But, this will soon be a 12-14" in 7-30 Waters with a Burris scope in the range of 2-7x to get some more distance out of it for her and even less recoil than the 44 mag.
  7. I may be thick in the head, but I just don't get hunting with some of these handguns when rifles are a no no.
  8. Yes if you can hunt with rifle cals. for a handgun,whats the differance if you add some barrel lenth.I hunt deer with a S&W 44mag and scoped with 2 power Leupold.Iv'e taken 7 deer with it now,the first 4 I had used a 50cal. caplock muzzle loader,got sick of dragging it through brush.With my handgun i take deer average 60-100 yards which is about as far as you should try,so would a rifle help,naaa.
  9. I too agree that rifles would be fine, except for the "Idiot Factor" we have in the woods. You all know what I am speaking of...those few individuals you hear every year blasting away with a semi-auto slug gun at a deer they didn't hit with the first shot.

    I saw a guy this season with a nice buck that was a closer resemblance to swiss cheese with 5 bullet holes in it from 12 ga slugs from him and his hunting partner. They took 10 shots, with only 2 of them being kill shots in the vitals, and all were at under 50 yards.:bonk:

    Do you wish to see these idiots in the woods anywhere near you doing that with a 30-06???

    My kids are better shots and more responsible than these so-called adults. We use Encore 209x50 ML's all season and I can be accurate out past 200 yards...why would I need a high power centerfire rifle? If I can't get that close, I don't need to be shooting anyway.

    Just my 2-cents...for what it's worth.
  10. 35 Rem. X-P100 Single Shot.

    Because 1 shot 1 kill.:biggrin:
  11. I don't have much handgun knowledge so I am honestly asking - How much handgun does it take to make a clean kill on a deer? Does a 357 handle it cleanly? Maybe some of you handgun guys can enlighten me. I have always been a 54 cal / 12 gauge slug guy. :)
  12. I started with a S&W model 686 .357 mag with an 8-3/8 barrel and factory open sights painted with day-glo paint to make them more visible. That is more than enough weapon to drop a deer at reasonable distances. Definition of reasonable distances: Whatever you can hit accurately and still effectively kill the deer. I kept my shots to under 100 yards for killing deer. That decision was based on the bullet performance at that range. With the wife's 44 mag we would go out to 200 yards with the loads we make for it.

    I just went with the T/C's to get more distance to match some of my hunting situations. I have named my .308 the "Portable Light Switch" because every deer I have shot with was instantaneous "lights-out" for the deer. They were all hit either in the head or vitals and all dropped in their tracks, like they were turned off with a switch.

    All I can say is to buy a handgun and a full case of ammo and plan on spending a LOT of time at the range to get accurate.
  13. I haven't ever shot a deer w/ the 357 except in the head to finish it off. So I can't tell you excatly how clean it will kill a deer, but im pretty shure it would just as effective as a 12g. If both shots were in the exact same spot, meaning vitals of course.
  14. I am with DDRAGON on this one -- one shot/one kill -- I had 4 deer pass me at about 60 yards last year and got 3 of them with one shot each out of my single-shot .243 pistol. I am no expert, so it is quite possible to get multiple deer with a single-shot semi-autos necessary.
  15. Scoped TC Contender 14" .44 mag