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Handgun Question

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by DocB, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. I had to be at the City County building downtown today. Decided to go ahead and apply for my lifetime handgun permit. I don't have a handgun but decided it might be a nice thing to go ahead and do. My question is if I decide to get a handgun and carry it with me during bow season is the personal protection permit sufficient or do I need the hunting permit also? I wouldn't technically be hunting with the gun all though it would be with me while hunting. Does that make sense? By the way I was told it would take at least 16 weeks to get the permit.
  2. The personal protection permit covers hunting situations. I don't think they would let you buy both anyways.

    I let mine expire a year or so ago ... note to self ... get off your butt and renew it ... and as I understood it, when I had it, that the permit covered hunting with a handgun.

  3. News Release

    funny you should ask....

    Indiana Department of Natural Resources
    402 W. Washington St. W255 B
    Indianapolis, IN 46204-2748
    Phone: (317) 232-4200

    For immediate release: April 19, 2007

    Public hearings on carrying handguns, May 15 and 16

    The Indiana Department of Natural Resources has scheduled two public hearings to receive comments on the permanent rule proposals to allow handguns to be carried (1) at DNR properties (2) while deer hunting, (3) while turkey hunting, and (4) while chasing opossums and raccoons.

    A temporary rule authorizing the possession of handguns while participating in these activities was authorized last September and is set to expire this year.

    The hearings will be held at 6 p.m. (EDT) at the following locations:

    1) Tuesday, May 15, at the Patio Building at the Miami County Fairgrounds located at 1029 W. 200 N. in Peru (Miami County)

    2) Wednesday, May 16, at Spring Mill State Park in the Lakeview Room; 6666 Hwy 60 East in Mitchell (Lawrence County)

    Specifically, the changes would permanently allow individuals with handgun licenses for personal protection to carry a handgun on DNR properties. The other changes involve hunting activities on both private and public land. Those with handgun licenses for personal protection would continue to be able to carry such firearms when hunting wild turkeys or when hunting deer with a bow and arrow. Similarly, properly licensed individuals would also be able to continue to carry a handgun when running dogs for opossums and raccoons during the chasing season.

    Previously, DNR rules prohibited carrying licensed handguns in these instances. These proposals allow a means of personal protection while hunting or visiting a DNR property.

    The Natural Resources Commission preliminarily adopted these rule changes in November 2006. The preliminarily adopted rules can be viewed at:

    Click on "Handgun-Related Rule Package."

    Public comments can be submitted by e-mail, written letter, or at the public hearing.

    Written comments can be sent to:

    Hearing Officer
    Natural Resources Commission
    402 W. Washington Street, W272
    Indianapolis, IN 46204

    Comments can also be e-mailed to:

    Written comments must be received no later than Friday, May 18.

    A copy of the public hearing report will be available at prior to final consideration by the NRC. The NRC will likely consider these rule changes for final adoption in July. If approved by the NRC, attorney general and governor, the changes would become effective later this year.
  4. You can't carry the pistol during firearms season unless it's of legal caliber to hunt with, like a 44mag.
  5. Where you see that at.???????:confused:
  6. I thought you could only carry a hundgun of legal caliber during the deer firearms season, and of any caliber during archery, when they first came out with the law. I think they are trying to change it so you can carry any caliber handgun during firearms, but you can't shoot a deer with it unless it's .243 in diameter and 1 1/16 inch case length.
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  7. Don't you mean .357?
  8. indylandon is correct. According to the regs for the 2006 deer season a hand gun to hunt deer must be at least .243 cal & 1.16" long case. Page 16 of the regs.

    Also, the regs say that (Page 16) "it is legal to carry more than one type of firearm at a time when hunting during the firearms season only." No where does it say that you can not carry a firearm during firearms season that is not a legal caliber to hunt deer with. However, I'm not sure how smart that would be. I have a .380 and I don't think I'd want to be caught in the deer stand with it on my side, even if I had my 12 ga. or muzzleloader (again, assuming I get off my butt and renew my carry permit). IMO, it is not worth the argument with the CO as to why I had my .380 out while I was deer hunting, even given the fact that shooting a deer with a .380 would be a STUPID thing to do (legal or illegal).

    But, again, I can't find in the regs that it says that a guy can't have a 9mm or other non-deer hunting caliber handgun on his side during firearms season.

    To each his own I guess. I still don't have a need to carry a handgun during bow or firearms seasons.
  9. You kind of have to read between the lines.

    The way I read it (and have been told to read it), during Gun season, the only gun(s) you can have in the field must comply with the regulations regarding that season. Just like you can't have a .22 rifle with you during gun season, you can't have a non-compliant pistol.

    Thus, a .357, .44, 45LC etc are OK, but a .40 S&W is not... Likewise, my .357 pistol is noncompliant because it only has a 2-1/2" barrel.

    The CCW provision listed above shoud (hopefully) remedy that.
  10. That's actually how I've always interpreted it, but if you read it for the black and white it is printed, it looks like you can carry what ever you want. We need a CO to chime in on this. All may be mute with the new laws.
  11. DocB, if you mean the hunting and target practic liscense, your carry permit will cover that.
  12. The current law prohibits the possession of any firearm while bowhunting (312 IAC 9-3-4(1)(g)) . The new rule basically allows a person to possess a handgun while bowhunting if they also possess a valid permit.

    The new rule does the same for a person hunting during firearms season. A person with an unlimited permit would also then be allowed to have the handgun concealed and that firearm would not have to be unloaded after shooting hours. The requirements for handguns used to take deer (4" barrel, bullet of at least .243 inches diameter) remain the same, but a peson won't be prohibited from carrying handguns that aren't legal to take deer.

    Again this is just a proposal... feel free to read all the rule changes: here

    Good luck!

    ICO Arthur
  13. Thanks for the replies but I think I'm even more confused now. What would be the difference between a hunting permit and a personal protection permit. From what you guys are saying the personal protection permit allows me to hunt with a handgun. My question then is why do they have a hunting permit?

    Any suggestions on a good all around handgun? I went to Gander yesterday and looked around. They had nice Ruger .41 that I liked for $409. Those are awfully big bullets though. I'm also thinking I may have more fun with a little .22. They had a Ruger .22 for 359.00. Seemed a little high for a .22 but it was a nice looking revolver. The bullets would be A LOT cheaper with the .22.
  14. Not really sure about the "permit" difference, except to say that a PPCCW permit "allows" you to carry a concealed handgun at all times and in all placed where it is not expressedly prohibited, but that the "hunting" permit "allows" you to carry a handgun in public in and about active hunting scenerios... at least that's how I interpret it. Not that I've really paid that much attention because I have a Life PPCCW

    Doc: It all depends on what you are wanting a pistol for.

    If Defense, either 2 or 4 legged, you are needing .38 class or better.

    If for doinking around &/or shooting squirrels, then .22 is just fine.

    The only exception to the above I would make is .22WMR, which can be a monster self defense round... (think near .223 class)

    My personal choice for an "everything" handgun would be a good quality 4" Revolver in .357, somthing like a Ruger GP100.

    It's "legal" for deer, a supurb Self Defense gun (though not as concealable as some, it can be done) and can be loaded down with light .38s for small game & plinking.

    The GP100 is also one of the more accurate and durable "basic" handguns on the new & used markets.
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  15. I applied for my lifetime on feb. 20 and i'm still waiting on it. it's only been 8 weeks. i can't even imagine why it would take so long to get a simple gun permit. i've got a colt 357 mag sitting at home and i haven't even been able to get it out and shoot it yet because i'm waiting for a permit to carry it out of the house.