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Discussion in 'Reloading, Target Shooting, and Modern Firearms' started by DocB, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. I have many guns but not a handgun. I've recently been thinking about purchasing one basically just to have. I doubt I'll do any hunting with one. Probably just some plinking and what not. What would be a good all around handgun? Please state caliber and manufacturer. Thanks.
  2. target pistol

    ruger 22 caliber target pistol, depending on model, you'll spend arond $300, a good all around plinking pistol. Also good for head shots on medium to small game. Lots of different ammo available.


  3. Go with at least a .38 at minimum. I have a Ruger Blackhawk .22/.22 MAG. Although it is cheap to shoot and good for youngsters to shoot it just does not make enough BANG or KICK enough for an adult...If I had to do it all over again I would choose a .357. I've had the Ruger for at least 25 years.
  4. I have a Glock model 19 in a 9MM and love it, I have a 357 ruger, a 41 mag in S&W.
  5. Good 357.

    You can also shoot 38 and 38 +p with it.

    38 for plinking and 357 if you want to hunt with it.
  6. One pistol i love is a Ruger Bisley model in 32 magnum ,maybe not for squirrel but geart for other small game and for plinking very enjoyable.
  7. It really up to what you really want to do with it. .22 is the cheapest ammo you can get and a whole lotta fun if you buy a good gun w/ a 5 or 6 inch barrell. .357 is a lot of fun to shoot but the shells are pretty pricey, same with .45. 9mm is pretty inexpensive too, and can be half decent on accuracy providing you purchase a good gun. You think you'll ever carry the gun for personall protection? If so a sub-compact or compact frame is what you might want.... In the end you get what you pay for, which you probably already know Personally I have a walther P22, it's a nice little gun but I need something w/ a bit more accuracy for my taste. I love shooting my dad's S/W .357, just something about the kick that I love, and the accuracy is great as well. I had a Taurus PT111 loved it to carry w/ me at all times, Awesome gun but non adjustable sights.

    Good luck

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  8. Thompson Contender .22cal 14inch barrel . Single shot but great accuracy if you decide to go squirrel hunting. Plus many other different calibers available. If you decide to try something else like deer hunting later, just get a different caliber barrel for the stock...recommend the ported 35 rem. for deer. Otherwise for just plunking, an inexpensive 22.
  9. I forgot about the thompson contenders. Do you have a scope on yours? Also, how long does it take to get a permit? Do I need this permit in order to purchase one at the store? When you have a permit is it then OK to keep the gun in your car? I live in Indy but work in Franklin and so drive through some of the rougher parts of town. I've never felt unsafe but people do occasionally come up to the truck and ask for money and what not. You just never know with people though. Look at that family on the east side last week. Those guys were out on the streets and desperate for several days after they killed them. I never want to shoot someone but if it came down to him or me and my 3 year old I wouldn't hesitate. I bet a 14 in barrel is fairly intimidating. Another thing is that it would be nice to use a handgun to deer hunt with because you could climb up without needing to use a string to raise and lower a shotgun. It seems like a deer always appears the second the gun hits the ground. Thanks to all for the info, keep it coming.
  10. Actually, my brother owns the gun and yes he has a scope on each barrel. I used to shoot with it some when I had a permit. He is as good with his 22 barrel as I am with my 22 rifle in the squirell woods. It makes you more patient and selective. The 35 rem. will flat knock down a deer. It is a rifle shell and has better range than other handguns normally used around here. The ported barrel is highly recommended to help with the kick. Yes, you need a permit and it is very intimidating. That big gun in a shoulder holster tends to get someones attention. My brother used to carry it when salmon fishing at Trail creek for just that reason. I have a 50cal knight muzzleloader pistol/red dot scope I have carried at times with my shotgun while deer hunting. No permit needed for that since it is a muzzleloader. I will be posting it for sale in the next couple of days if anyone is interested.
  11. Docb, Since Yo Said That You Would Probably Not Do Any Hunting With It, That Narrows It Down A Little For You. For Ease Of Carry I Would Suggest An Automatic With A 3 To 4 In Barrel In .380, 9mm Or .40 Cal. A Single Stack Magazine Gives The Gun A Thinner Profile And Makes It Easier To Carry. Ammunition For These Rounds Is Fairly Inexpensive And Are Good For Personal Protection.

    Depending On Brand You Choose You Can Spend Anywhere From A Couple Hundred Dollars To Several Thousand. Be Sure And Apply For Your Permit.
  12. I have owned handguns in the following calibers: .22, .38, .357, 9mm, .41, .45acp, .454. Now all I have is a .22 revolver and a Ruger P97 in .45 acp. The 9mm is hard to beat for price and reasonable power.
  13. Doc - the most important thing to consider here is safety. Since you said you have not owned a pistol before I would strongly suggest a 38 or 357 revolver with a 4" barrel. You can shoot it relatively cheap and it is a good learning tool for stance, grip and trigger control, which are responsible for 90% of your accuracy.The big thing is that you don't have to worry about what button or switch or lever to move before you shoot. Have seen too many instances when someone went to shoot an auto and pulled the trigger and no bang.

    Keep it simple to start. If you like it after that, then look at an auto. As for cost - Taurus makes some really nice revolvers at a very reasonable price. I paid $100 for a stainless snubnose 38 with a holster and 2 boxes of ammo.

    If anyone has question of my credibility - here's a pic to show what I shoot for fun.


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  14. Handgun

    Who cannot go wrong with a Smith and Wesson, Model 66 .357 Mag. I carried one as a policeman for years. These are the sweetest shooting handguns going. You can plink and you can hunt. It is ideal for personal protection.
  15. I'd go with the Clint Eastwood Dirty can "plink" all kinds of stuff with it.......:)

    O.K., so I'm not a pistol guru, but this was a cool thread. Makes me want to go out and purchase one to go shoot some stuff. My best friend had a Colt .45 revolver that we used to go shoot out in the woods. It was a blast (no pun intended). Kicked like a mule....