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Handguns while bow hunting

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by DaWG of Indpls, Sep 22, 2006.

  1. The DNR announced yesterday that residents/hunters with a permit to carry a handgun may now do so while turkey hunting and bow hunting deer.

    Yoo Hoo, a victory for the law abiding citizen/hunter.

    From my perspective this is long overdue.

    Thanks Kyle.:)
  2. Can't carry mine in an airport terminal or federal building, don't understand why I would need one while bow hunting.

  3. There might me some illegal alien Mexican's hiding out in your deer woods cooking might want to reconsider.
  4. I am a 100% supporter of a persons right to keep and bear arms.....but I aint taking my handgun on a archery hunt............And I even hunt Fairbanks Landings!
  5. So...Why????
  6. I wish they would have made this rule a couple of years ago when the pack of coyotes were following me out of the woods on my 1 1/2 hike. Would have kept the pee from wanting to dribble down my legs:chicken: .
  7. This doesn't sound like a good thing to me. It seems like every year you see more and more people taking advantage of what is "given" to them. It is bowhunting for a reason.....not bow and handgun. To me it just looks shady heading in the woods with a bow and hand gun. I see no reason for it.
  8. The HandGun is NOT I repeat NOT for Hunting....For your pertection ONLY....
  9. I will guarantee you this just makes it "legal" for what a lot of people have done for many years. Granted if a person takes advantage of this and shoots a deer with his/her hand gun, then I have a problem with it.
  10. Call me a naive Steuben County redneck, but I can't for the life of me understand why someone would need a hand gun for personal protection while bow hunting. I UNDERSTAND the right to carry a hand gun. I own a hand gun and have a permit (actually, it needs renewed as of last month:yikes: ). So I understand the fascination with hand guns.

    But why would you NEED one when you are bow hunting?

    I've been hunting for 20 years and never felt the need to have a hand gun to protect me. In desperate times, I have either a shotgun, a muzzleloader, or even a BOW. I've ran into coyotes in the dark, I've had an enraged Everglades gator come after me, I've stared face to face with a Florida panther, I've come face to face with trespassers, I've ran into illegal Mexicans in the Texas brush, I had a javelina charge me, I've almost stepped on poisonous snakes, all while hunting and have YET to feel I needed to pull out at .357 and blow it's brains out.

    Call me a knuckle head, but I just don't get it.:bonk: But then again, I don't get it that some people feel they NEED the personal protection of a hand gun when they walk into the local Wal-mart either. Big city, bad neighborhood ... yes. Bow hunting ... no.
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  11. Years back when I was hunting deer with a muzzle loader I was cornered by 3 very large and bad tempered dogs. Having a one shot rifle I hesitated to fire it. I considered using it as a club but then decided to wait them out. They finally left but I would have felt much better with a wheel gun on me.
  12. some common sense

    better to "have a gun and not need it" than to "need a gun and not have one"
    My 0.02. I think Kyle is heading us in the right direction. Any opposition to this should be viewed as anti-gun. None of us want that, do we? Please, let us all protect our rights to have firearms, including handguns during bowseason. Law abiding citizens with handgun permits have rights, don't worry about any one else. That is what the law is for.

  13. Where do I go to find this? I'm still looking myself,


  14. Come on people, get to know your environment. A full grown coyote around here weighs about 30-40 pounds. My beagle weighs 29. I have never seen a coyote do anything but bolt when he recognizes what I am. Now, wild dogs is a little different, but still I've had them do no more than circle at about 30 yards.

    I think its a bad idea and too tempting for some people. Since we don't have anyone actually look at the deer anymore when we check them in, like in the old days, then I really have a problem with this law. I thought I had heard on the radio the law was expanded to allow people to carry at state parks, didn't hear anything on it during archery season. Of course that wouldn't make the radio either.
  15. How much easier does this make it to break the law? A guy who doesnt practice with his bow and has very little ethics walks into the woods gut shoots a doe, she limps away and instead of being ethical he now has the option to pull his piece out and put a few rounds in her. Is that legal? Seems like a lot of lazy hillbillies are going to be trying something like this to me.... But again its another step toward gun ownership and I understand that side, but there is a line and we have to be very careful to not over step it and create serious problems for ourselves on issues like these. In my opinion dont let the cart get before the horse. Is it something we really need? Is it something that is beneficial? Its a toss up if you ask a lot of people or as you read in the previous posts its really a grey area on if we absolutely need this or not...