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Dear Friends:

I am asking for your support in my fight to gain access to Michigan State operated hunting grounds. There is in place, a moratorium on using ORV's on ANY State Hunting Area in Michigan. I am asking you to help by calling and asking Mr. Scott Whitcomb to re-open State Hunting Conservation areas to the handicapped (in line with current standards) that must use ORV's to access the properties! This does not include State forests but only effects State ran Hunting areas. I feel that this action taken by them, is unfair to the handicapped ( I am one) and that are now denied some fine hunting areas. I feel we have been shut out deliberately in this matter. After talking with many people in the Michigan DNR. I have found that if there are no requests for handicapped permits the state will Not re-open the state grounds for ORV use period. There have been many calls this year by several People seeking to ask for this access. After talking to Mr. Whitcomb on this issue. It can be turned over if he has enough public interest it to remove the moratorium. WE can use all the affirmative action we can get and show support for the Handicapped hunters. Please Contact Mr. Scott Whitcomb at 517-641-4903 any support you can muster will be greatly appreciated.

W. D. Spencer Jr.
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