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Happy Birthday to The Sallion!

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by DEC, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. I hear jstalljon is getting old today. Big bash at The Stallagio tonight.:evil: All I.S. members are commanded to raid the kegarator.:evilsmile No peeing in the sump pit though.:bash:

    Happy Birthday Buddy!

    Cheers to THE STALLION![​IMG]
  2. Happy birthday STALLION! Hope the stallagio has enough brew for all of us! :biggrin: Have a good one

  3. Happy Birthday Stallion. Perhaps Fuzzy will kiss you again on your birthday?:cwm27:
  4. Happy birthday! Drink one for me!:bouncy:
  5. Happy B-Day,,, no green beer,, makes you do weird things:yikes: :yikes: :yikes:
  6. HMMMMMMMMMMMM And "The Stallagio" is ONLY 5 minutes from me.......SMOOCHES STALLION I'm coming to wish you a HAPPPY BIRTHDAY!
    Happy B-day Buddy!
    "The Fuzz"
  7. Happy Birthday... Even though ive never been invited to the stallagio.
  8. Happy birthday, "Stallion."
  9. best birthday wishes

  10. sorry i missed it THE STALLION!!!

    left the house at 6 am...worked until 9:30 and finally got back to the hotel just a minute ago...sorry i missed the party. if you say that your wifes friend is there...i might make the 3 hour drive haha

    Have a beer outta your kegerator on me how bout that??

    happy b-day to THE STALLION!!
  11. Thanks fellas....had a great evening with, beer, cake, beer, presents, beer. :)

    Dustin...I'll keep a frozen mug for you when you deliver that knife! LOL

    I really do want to put together an afternoon this summer for my I.S. bretheran.....that is if the board of directors at the Stallagio will approve such an event! ;)

    Unfortunatey, that board has already met Fuzzy, DEC, and it may not bode well for the rest of you!
  12. LOL!!!! Would the 3 aforementioned be invited back to The Stallagio?

    YOU TELL HER ITS GOING TO HAPPEN or she'll see my face every saturday for two months!!! haha...thats a terrible ultimatum