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Happy Dads Day

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by psychobubba, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. I'd like to wish Happy Dad's Day to a very special friend of mine......

    Happy Fazzia's Day to my Grandpa Qailrunner. I love you man!!!! (Now, can I have your Bud Light?)

  2. It's always about the beer....yeah, take a sip, just avoid the backwash please!

    Happy Fathers Dad to all you Dads out there.
  3. Happy fathers day to all the dad's out there. As one of the youngsters on the site it is my privlege to get to know, and learn from some of the more "experienced" members of this site.

    Having lacked a real father figure for much of my life, fathers day typically passes with little fanfare. But to those of you who are fathers, job well done. You are all good men.
  4. Happy Dad's Day guys.

    I had very little father influence in my life, but I try and more than make up for it with my kids. Nothing better in the world than being a Daddy.:coolgleam
  5. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    If it wasnt for my kids, i wouldnt be a dad, so today is always about them...i am so pround of my kids!..they actualy want to go fishing today.........:)
  6. A dad to a dad to a dad......Happy Father's Day!!!!!!!
  7. Exactly...CB !!!! Iam not at home this fathers day but have many memories of my is one that will always be in my mind..:bowdown:
  8. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    Thats a dandy buck Brew, your son shoot that?............:tongue:
  9. Happy Fazzia's Day once again to all the Dad's out there. And to Tony M. and I know why you are both so very feminine. :hide:
  10. Yes, happy Father's Day to all....let's see here's a few of the gifts I've seen in various threads

    Crooked = new Switchback
    Fuzzy = kegerator
    Jonesy = large flat screen tv

    Stallion = Nike+ shoes and the chip for my ipod to track miles/etc. Anyone else see anything wrong with this picture???

    I think my wife is trying to tell me I"ve been hitting the kegerator too hard! :(

    Atleast those shoes will tell me how many trips I make to the kegerator in a given week.
  11. its ok stallion...we still love you man
  12. My wife got me a cell phone (which I didn't want) so she can keep track of me, a push broom for the barn (so I quit stealing hers out of the garage), a new set of pruning shears (since I apparently left her others ones by some deer stand somewhere) so she can prune her landscaping, a tape measure for the barn (so I quit stealing hers).

    BTW, I and the kids enjoyed the flu all weekend, puking, fever, the whole bit.

    Bright side: I didn't get her a thing for mothers day. If you read between the lines, she sweeps the garage, not me. She prunes the shrubs, not me. She knows how to read a tape measure and use it, which cuts down on my projects around the house. She's a good wife and I think she'll soon forgive Dew for taking the pruning shears. Yes, I blamed you and the last trip we were on for the missing pruners. Hard cutting those opposite hand shooting lanes by yourself.
  13. I think we have the same wife.